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Alfajiri Hub

Alfajiri’s mission is to help close the digital gap and create a entrepreneurial Africa through education. We believe that Africa’s problems will be solved by its productive and competent citizens, so we created a space for people to network, learn and most importantly get reskilled. We are striving to build a better Africa. 

Our Vision

  • Support entrepreneurs
  • Produce a competent population through education and reskilling
  • Encourage collaborative business culture (through art, business, and entertainment)
  • Promote technological advancement by encourage the youth to get involved in science & tech
  • Connect African entrepreneurs from different regions across the continent

We hope to achieve this through:

  • Reskilling programs
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Talks and fireside chats
  • Business idea pitch competitions
  • Exhibitions and entertianment events

The Hub will be utilized by not only our portfolio companies but other organizations that care about constantly improving their staff. 

We believe that; if as a society we produce a competent generation of people, regardless of where they live or work, it’s a win for the entire economy.  It’s common knowledge now that formal education alone is just not enough. There are so many graduates in Africa but are unemployable because of a lack of modern skills. Sometimes, what it takes for these graduates to make a switch is simply exposure to new ideas, technologies, and networking circles. Alfajiri Hub is a place where real mindset transformation happens. 

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