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Agile Real Estate Group

Shena Potter is the CEO of Agile Real Estate Group. Shena is a successful Real Estate Investor from San Antonio, TX with an unlikely and untraditional path to real estate investing.

 Shena was a successful self-employed CPA in San Antonio, TX when her life suddenly changed as a result of severe car accident in 1996.  Unable to work for many years and twelve years of surgeries and rehabilitation resulted in debts of $1.5 million.  You see, as a self-employed CPA, when Shena didn’t work, she had no money coming in.  Attorneys recommended Shena declare bankruptcy to wipe out her debt and start clean.   She didn’t do that because she felt obligated to pay off her debts.  Shena realized she would not get out of this financial hole without rethinking how she worked.  What you will be learning from Shena is those same creative real estate strategies that led to her financial success.

 In 2002, about half way through her rehabilitation, Shena started investing in real estate.  As she started investing, she found that real estate agents can be difficult to work with and are not as helpful as she had hoped.  So, in Shena’s desire to get the important real-time data she needed to be successful, she obtained her real estate agent’s license.  Problem solved!

 Shena’s next challenge to overcome was obtaining loans for her real estate investing.  The banks saw that she was only able to work minimally since the accident. Undeterred, Shena thought back to her tax preparation days.  She remembered seeing her clients get loans who had previously declared bankruptcy and had other financial failures.  She was confused why she couldn’t also obtain her much-needed real estate loans.  In sheer determination, Shena next set-out to obtain her loan originator’s license so she could understand the rules and regulations related to real estate lending.  This allowed her to learn how to properly structure deals to maximize the potential to obtain loans and thereby maximize her profitability.  This knowledge allowed her to begin buying properties.

 Shena’s real estate investing was on a stop and go basis as she continued to have surgeries and rehab.  During this period Shena had rental properties, flipped wholesale deals, bought foreclosures, rehabbed, completed short sales and carried real estate notes.  As she continued to invest in real estate, Shena realized the difficulty of trying to do everything yourself.  She knew she could build her investing business more quickly if she started building a team to assist her.  Shena’s strength with her CPA and legal background has always been to find, evaluate and structuring really smart real estate deals. Shena also realized that going it alone was not going to allow her to build her business to the level she wanted for true financial freedom.  So her unique proposition is this – “I will bring others into my real estate investment business.  I will give them the best training available. I even take care of the funding..  Together we will make great deals and share in the profits!” 

 To realize this dream, Shena started Agile Real Estate Group to teach others (apprentices) how to build a successful real estate investing business.  Shena’s powerful combination of real estate, accounting, tax and legal knowledge allows her to guide others on how to grow their real estate investing business in the smart, right and legal ways.  Additionally, she shares ways to minimize taxes, protect assets and pass on true wealth to family members or other loved ones. 

 Shena’s true passion is to help others.   As a result, Shena, through Agile Real Estate Group, will assist you with online training courses for apprentices that can be taken at their own pace.  This allows Shena to focus her time on personalized, hands-on training with her apprentices.  Shena wants others to be successful without the struggles of learning all the rules of the real estate investing business by themselves.  There are many real estate training courses out there – but at the end of the day – a student is out there doing it alone.  But not with Agile!  As Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

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