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AfterDark CATV PRO

Since its maiden voyage in 1987, AfterDark CATV PROductions, Inc is representative of a growing trend in communitybased, not-for-profit organizations raising progressive social consciousness whose mission is to provide broad exposure and promotion of diverse local arts talent, entrepreneurs and community resources via pre-recorded shows and live events on television and the Internet. AfterDark develops programs in conjunction with local television networks and public service organizations worldwide.

Our motto is, “¡Broaden Your Perspective!”
AfterDark CATV PROductions accomplishes its mission and objective by producing both pre-recorded and live media content featuring the local talents and resources working in the fields of Art, Culture, Entrepreneurs – education, & Services. In doing so AfterDark CATV PRO “popularizes” event and activities, organizations & institutions, local businesses and efforts for growth and development. AfterDark CATV PRO is also involved in creating and collaborating in live events and activities that support our mission of community empowerment & enhancement.

All events and productions are geared towards encouraging development and sustainable growth through the presentations of theater & dance performances, art exhibitions, concerts, and by drawing audiences to neighborhoods currently undergoing development. They also encourage support of businesses by introducing art centric enterprises. through souvenir purchases, entertainment venues (theaters, gallery & museums), and walking tours. The project also serves to protect and preserve the unique histories, flavors, and qualities of local neighborhoods. Further more, AfterDark CATV PROductions promotes, publicizes, and assists in the marketing of local enterprises on the electronic media. We call the project “LA FORTALEZA PROJECT”/The Fortress.

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