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Adrienne Buhacoff, MSW, ASW, Certified Trainer

I am a Certified Trainer and active user of the Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA).  I needed to have an answer for how to channel my childs intensity into more productive ways.  I was dealing with his hitting, screaming, punching, kicking and running the house while I stood by and watched or shut myself in the room after exhausting every technique I knew and learned through my profession, with no avail.  I stumbled across this technique, but still had questions.  All my questions have been answered and my home life has changed drastically.  We go several weeks without any episodes. Now my child responds to me with "yes mam" without my requesting it.  And when there are episodes they last minutes instead of hours.  With NHA I am able to turn the negative situation into a positive one and channel my sons energy into a more positive engagement of my attention.  

In addition to utilzing NHA in my home life, I also teach NHA in my professional life.  I am a therapist/trainer/coach.  I teach NHA in classes and in home coaching.  I also provide therapeautic services specializing in early childhood development, truama and how it affects the brain and development.

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