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Adrianna Foster is the first worldwide recognized "Motivational Singer" and

the pioneer in merging personal development with live music concerts. She

created a unique form of shows that promote radical self-love through a state of

the art concert, motivational speaking and performance naming this as “A

Motivational Concert Experience”. In 2015-2016 Adrianna launched a South

Florida tour with her “Motivational Concert Experience” show partnering with

different non-profit and profit organizations such as Office Depot Foundation,

Park Project, Abundance and Things amongst others. Each concert carries a

different message with the purpose of creating conscious and awareness

around a specific personal development topic. “Believing in yourself”, “All

About Kindness”, “The Power of Abundance”, “Be a difference maker”

(Sponsored by Office Depot Foundation) are some of the topics shared at these

concerts that have the purpose of motivating the audience in finding our INNER

POWER to create radical positive changes in our life and in the world

remembering that the “change” we are seeking in the world starts within.



She is the founder of the "REBIRTH" movement that promotes music as a form of healing that connects people with Love, Empowerment, and Growth, becoming a pioneer in her field by being the first worldwide recognized singer to incorporate personal development in her music and presentations


Adrianna has been recognized globally for her ability to inspire audiences and promote awareness and healing from self-limiting beliefs through her Motivational speaking and singing performances and after being in the professional music industry for more than 16 years, Adrianna Foster is considered one of the most recognized singers in the Latin American music industry.


While music has remained a lifeline for her, Adrianna’s passion for helping others led her to share the tools she learned in her own journey with the world to empower others to overcome their struggles and challenges. Adrianna is an IACT-certified Hypnotist Consultant specializing in emotional catalyst. Through the use of this practice in combination with Personal Coaching and NLP techniques she is able to effectively guide clients from disruptive behaviors into new, healthy patterns that are deeply transformative. Her headquarters are located in South Florida and through today’s technology she is able to help people all over the world.


In December 2016 Adrianna will be releasing her first album dedicated entirely to “Motivational Music” and will announce the Release Date of her book “REBIRTH” that relates the story of how her own journey filled with obstacles and challenges led to her deep transformation learning to use them as her biggest TOOLS of strength and power. Deciding to break stereotypes and changing the course of her life Adrianna dedicates her REBIRTH to the service of humanity sharing her powerful message through her biggest gift: Music.


The “Motivational Concert Experience” 2017 tour will begin in January 2017 and is expected to tour in the United States, Asia and Latin American Countries. 


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