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Adrian Brown, founder of 2be2serve

I am an established Turnaround Management consultant with a solid track record in dramatically enhancing staff performance, client service and, in turn, company profits.


Take advantage of my more than 30 years' experience of running multi-million pound businesses and partnering with service-led people, who manage  Hotels, Salons and Spas, Restaurants, Cafes, Customer Services, Retail and Professional Service businesses.


I am a champion of your Bricks and Mortar business where I know service excellence is key!


What People Say About Me.

"To use a metaphor; if you're travelling through thick fog with your cruise control stuck, you could do a lot worse than ask Adrian Brown to hop into the vehicle with you!

Be it personal circumstance, misaligned strategy, people problems, customers going elsewhere or any other challenge keeping you awake at night, Adrian is the ideal journeyman who becomes the solution and one who can see above and beyond the problem at hand.

I first met Adrian at a time when my business was growing although not in the direction that was consistent with my personal life planning. Any business owner will know that starting a new enterprise is akin to birthing a child and raising it through its formative years. In my case the child had become an argumentative adolescent robbing me of my peace of mind.

Adrian's input enabled me to reorder my personal and business strategy; pulled me up sharp and cleared away the fog.

I am now getting back on track with sense of clarity and it is interesting to see new possibilities arising since my change of perspective.

Over the years I have encountered many so-called business gurus and experts although Adrian has that special blend of personal and business insight which in my experience is a rare thing and one that aligns business success with personal fulfilment."

John Heavens, MD.

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