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Administrative Data Research Centre - Scotland

ADRC-Scotland (ADRC-S) jointly with the Scottish National Statistical Agency (NSA) forms the Scottish Administrative Data Research Partnership (ADRP). 

ADRC-S was established in 2013 as part of the 1st phase of ESRC investment in Administrative Data Research the ADRN. ADRC-S enters from November 2018 into phase 2 of a new portfolio of ESRC investments for administrative data research, which will involve a number of contributors structured as the UK “Administrative Data Research Partnership (ADRP)”. Together, this portfolio of ESRC investments will enable the delivery of the ESRC’s vision for ADR: “A highly regarded portfolio of investments (infrastructure) which engages government and academic communities in innovative research to address major societal challenges by releasing the potential of the UK’s wealth of administrative data.”

The model for the ADRP is a federated one, with ESRC as part of UKRI the principal agent in the federation. Within this wider UK - ADRP management framework ADRCs and the National Statistical Agencies (NSAs) in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will form a nation-specific partnership.


2018: The Scottish ADR Partnership 

In Scotland a specific organisational arrangement has been established, the Scottish ADRP, that includes arrangements with other key partners within the data research landscape in Scotland. The agreed management model relies on a blended management structure based on two key management boards: a Strategic Board and a Delivery Board, both driven by the NSA (Scottish Government) and ADRC jointly. Three other key partners are involved: (1) the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC) responsible for the National Safe Haven; (2) National Records of Scotland responsible for the Trusted Third Party (TTP) service; and (3) NHS National Services Scotland (NSS) through their linkage team, the electronic Data Research and Innovation Service (eDRIS). The ADRC and the NSA will establish a shared delivery plan in order to develop SIPs from “quick wins” through the medium and longer term targets up to March 2021, in order to ensure the outcomes set by ESRC within phase 2 of ADR investments.

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