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Adelai Brown, founder of Be Blessed! Daily, is a purpose continuously  manifesting. A Heart/life coach, author, mentor, and speaker, Adelai overcame many obstacles in life to inspire and empower women and girls to break thorugh the glass ceilings of their lives and soar in their unlimited GREATNESS. Being a wife and mother, she values family and puts emphasis on experiencing healthy relationships and abundant living on a daily basis. Be Blessed! Daily, founded in 2006 with a single text message, is on a mission to enlighten women and girls to their greatness and inspire them to live out loud in that greatness and share it for the world to see each and every day! 

Heart Talk was created to be a safe space that allows women to be vulnerable and grow from their strengths and experiences, good and bad. It's a cross between girl talk (though men are invited), bible study, and an empowerment hour. Adelai is no stranger to struggles and difficult times, so she uses some of the trials she's experienced like teen motherhood and abusive relationships, to assure other women that they're not alone in their struggles and misfortunes. She feels that people need to know that they're not alone. Stale mindsets and faulty truths are exposed and dispelled during Heart Talk sessions. It's a safe space of inspiration and enlightenment that heals and empowers others, which explains why it has touched hundreds of lives, in an impactful way, since its inception in September of 2014. Heart Talk is so impactful, that she is taking it live to impact the world one person at a time.

Adelai recently published her first book, Anchored! Be Blessed! Daily Volume 1. Anchored is a daily motivational devotional with 367 days of inspiration designed to keep one anchored while enduring the waves of life. This book is a testament of what it means to be resilient and never give up on a dream. Trust the process of growth and prepare for your unimaginable success! Anchored! Be Blessed! Daily Volume 1 anchors readers daily with motivation to stand in your greatness.

Her one on one Anchored living coaching services are designed to help women navigate through life clearly and confidently, experiencing peak performances in every area. Want to live amazingly free from past hurts and regrets? Adelai's Gotcha!  Want to enjoy every aspect of your life? She's Gotcha! 
She also does a mentoring program in her community called Shine Time, where she works with young ladies in grades 5-12 to build strong futures through enhancing self esteem and spirituality inspiring them to the limitless possibilities of their greatness.

Adelai is on a mission to inspire the world. People are hurting and losing hope. She wants them to know that abundance is infinite and there is no limit to their greatness. We all have greatness within. Adelai's mission is make sure that all who she connects with will connect with their amazing and purposed greatness. Get Anchored with Adelai and Be Blessed! Daily!

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