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Acupuncture Society of South Dakota

The Acupuncture Society of South Dakota hosts informative FREE talks for the public throughout the year in various communities throughout South Dakota.  The purpose is to educate the public about the acupuncture profession and how to determine if your acupuncturist is a REAL acupuncture practitioner and not simply some other type of practitioner posing as an acupuncturist (often due to legislative loopholes created years ago by these other healthcare fields before the acupuncture profession was well-established and while it was developing).  It is important that the public is no longer fooled by these other healthcare providers posing as acupucunctirsts.   These non-acupunctuists are deceptively advertising themselves to the public as genuine acupuncturists when they are far from being adequately trained as acupuncturists.  These practitioners from other fields are holding themselves out to the public as being properly trained acupuncturist when they have dangerously limited education in the field of acupuncture.  Their training (if any) is often less than 5% of the required national standard of accceptable minimum education and supervised clinical training. Their supervised clinical training is typically absolutely none at all.  This poses a serious public safety and an issue with best practices in the field of acupuncture.  

Learn about the 3,300+ hours of graduate college education that a REAL acupuncturst has completed to meet the natiuonally accepted minimum level education into the field of acupucnture.  This basic minimum standard of education has been well-established for decades  and enables the properly trained acupuncturist to safely and effectively practice acupuncture.  Any training less than this puts the public at risk of harm and the practitioners skills are not at an acceptable level for effective practice of acupuncture.  The practice of acupuncture is not simply some simple therapy that can be added to another field's tool box of skills.  It is a distict healthcare profession with professional acupunctuists that have dedicated their career to the study and practice of acupuncture.  It is not something that is learned in a weekend "crash course" as these non-acupunctursits have completed then hold themselves out to the public as properly trained acupunctuists.  The public is unaware of their lack of training and are being tricked into thinking they are seeing a properly trained acupuncturist that has met the minimum basic level of training to be called an acupuncturist..

Learn about the loopholes chirpractors created for themselves within their legislation in order to dodge the basic requirements for proper education in the field of acupucnture.  Learn about their deceptive marketing practices and why Google searches for "acupuncture" in South Dakota are  overpopulated with chiropractors while suppressing many of the listings for REAL acupunctusrist.  

Get Informed Before Your Get Acupuncture!

Find Out If Your Acupuncture Provider Is A REAL Acupuncturist and Not Some Other Type of Provider Posing As One. 

Don't BE Fooled By Fakes!

The free talk is provided by a member of the Acupuncture Society of South Dakota

Acupuncture Legislation inSouth Dakota:

In 2010 a House Bill was introduced to regulate acupuncture. Fortunately, it did not become law since it was a typical template bill (provided by the national acupuncture testing agency) that gave the national testing agency power over the State's professional licensing board to decide to whom they may issue acupuncture licenses. There was specific wording that makes a State's ability to license a practitioner based on this agency's approval (by active status with their certification).  This completely takes control of acupuncture regulation out of the hands of the State. Additionally, there are many professional acupuncturist throughout the country that are concerned about this testing agency gaining too much power of the acupuncture profession.  When a new House Bill is introduced again in South Dakota, it must be required to omit any of the wording that grants this national testing agency ultimate authority or requires allegiance to them beyond their role as a testing agency to evaluate competence in the acupuncture field.  The House Bill must look similar to the legislation that has been adopted in States like Wyoming, Washington, Wisconsin, New York, etc where State professional boards are the ones that determine the granting of acupuncture licenses in their State, independent of approval by national umbrella private and government agencies.  It is simply about States being able to control healthcare related policies and licensing within their own States minus the socialist agenda. In recent years a few State acupuncture licensing boards have dropped the requirement for active certification with this agency (PA, NJ ). These States as other States who do not require active certification with this agency simply use this national testing organization for the intended purpose it was initially established, evaluating an acupuncturist's skill, knowledge, safety and competence in acupuncture and Oriental medicine as well as approve courses for continuing education.  They are not a regulatory or enforcement agency since this is the role of the State professional board.





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