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ActionCOACH Eric Linzey

As a Business Owner, do you find yourself asking “What else can I do to increase my revenue and profit” or “How can I hire the best team members?” or “I’m working too many hours” or “What do I need to do now to have my business run on its own?” Rest assured you are not alone in raising these questions. And If you’re asking these questions I say congratulations, you are a business owner ready to grow your business!

As a Business owner myself, my journey spanned 22 years in developing what I enjoy doing now; Being a Business Owner! As a former Federal Employee, I've had the privilege to serve the United States of America as an Accredited Advisor and Member to US Delegations on a number of United Nation meetings in Africa, Europe, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Prior to starting my company, I was recruited and served as the Assitant Director to the USVI Territorial Emergency Management Agency. Working with my staff on matters regarding the protection of life and property. I also served a dual role as the GAR, Governors Authorized Representative overseeing FEMA Grants and Process' for the Territory.

As time passed, my desire to launch my company increased. Proud to say that I am a Business Owner and Business Coach! What's more important to me is why I do what I do. My Dad always wanted me to be sure of what I was going to do before execution, see all the options he said. Like any young person, I never knew what he meant until later in my life. The reason I love what I do is stated as a personal vision of mine aligned with the vision:

Raising Awareness of options and possibilities in any situation so Business Owners are free to make their decisions!

I work with talented and accomplished Business Owners who are in the process of creating an extraordinary business. It is important to remember that businesses do not just grow and develop on their own, it is up to us and our teams to make this happen. Working with you to analyze and strategize the paths of business growth is what we can do together. The one question I ask Business Owners I Coach is, when will you Finish your Business?

If you are ready to grow and expand your business, or ready to Finish your business, then let's have a chat. What do you have to lose? My Direct Number is (240)-381-9940

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