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Act 3 Ignited

As boomer women, we’re part of a unique tribe. We’ve been nothing less than trailblazers throughout our entire professional lives.

So, why should our retirement be any different?

In fact, many boomer women now look to retirement as the time to take on new challenges or simply participate in activities we’ve always wanted to try.

But how do we take our vast life experience, intelligence, talent, influence and power and use them to design an even more meaningful Act 3 than we even might have imagined?

The truth is that designing an Act 3 worthy of our trailblazing roots requires us to ask the big questions. It demands we explore, often with deep vulnerability, our greater purpose on this planet. It calls us forth to discover how we can be an inspiration to those around us – especially, the generations of women who will follow in our footsteps.

Where do we start? The answer is: RIGHT HERE.

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