Abbi Linde, PharmD

I graduated from University of Miami - Florida is 2007 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and a minor in Psychology. I then returned to the midwest and graduated from UW-Madison with a PharmD in 2011. During pharmacy school, I participated in an independent study that combined motivational interviewing and nutrition (the beginning of my health coaching interest) and professed a desire to be the pharmacist that gets patients off their meds.

As I practiced as a pharmacist, I watched my patients getting sicker and sicker. I also saw my own health deteriorate as I had my two children and experienced extreme fatigue, headaches, and mood changes. This was a turning point for me and kicked off a journey that began with finding non toxic cleaning solutions and continues to this day!

I became a Certified Health Coach after attending The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. This program focused on the lifestyle aspects of health: relationships, movement, spirituality, and career. These key factors continue to be important components of making lasting lifestyle changes. Becoming a Primal Health Coach next exposed me to the concept of ancestral health; this is based on the examination of our evolutionary history for clues about how to live our optimal lives in the modern world.

Most recently, I am pursuing a certification through the Institute for Functional Medicine. This is what has driven me to transform my pharmacy in Beaver Dam into a Wellness Center. It will be a central site (as part of a grocery store - Food is medicine!) where clients will go to get truly healthy, as opposed to staying sick. As a pharmacist, I am an expert at supporting patients in “managing” their chronic conditions. My true passion is to educate them about the possibility of preventing or reversing these chronic lifestyle conditions. My goal is to help patients find a way of eating and living that is just right for each individual by taking genetics, history, culture, stress, sleep, nutrition and fitness into account. By integrating the principles of ancestral health and functional medicine, I am able to support my clients in using food as medicine to really live their best lives!

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