A-WOL Dance Collective and Flamebuoyant Productions

A-WOL Dance Collective:

A-WOL was created in 2003 as a “Collective.”  The four co-founders’ intention was to form a group that could operate efficiently by using the different strengths and skills of all company members, both on and off stage. 

Avoiding the cookie cutter feel, A-WOL consists of strong dancers each with a unique style or specialty, which gives the company’s repertory an ever-evolving texture.  Off stage, each member has a specific responsibility, from costuming to rigging equipment to being an educator in the community.

Our fans tell us we liberate audiences from traditional ideas of what it means to dance.  Mingling the worlds of dance and aerial, our dancers ignite a wonder and curiosity for what can happen when a human body takes flight.  The physicality of their movement both on the floor and in the air, conveys striking fearlessness and unmistakable rigor. A-WOL dancers have been seen hanging from the trees in the middle of the forest to dangling from the ceilings of Portland’s trendiest night clubs.  Hip yet sophisticated, A-WOL has a versatility of style.

Website:  http://www.a-woldance.org

Flamebuoyant Productions:

Flamebuoyant Productions presents innovative, exciting performances that thrill and engage audiences of all ages.

Whether on a stage at your favorite venue or in your backyard for a special occasion, Flamebuoyant Productions will make your event special with performers who bring the excitement of the circus to you with trapeze, stilts, fire performance, acrobatics and more.

Website:  http://www.flamebuoyant.com


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