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A Rebel Minded Society

A Rebel Minded Society, commonly known as A.R.M.S is an organization created to encourage unity as well as to preserve the unique individuality each one of us possesses. Formed in 2013, the purpose of A.R.M.S is to provide a place where individuals come together to build relationships, share ideas, learn from each other, and positively impact the world around them.

There are times when many great voices go unheard, where opportunity is limited and support is lacking. We believe that everyone has a light to share with the world, and A.R.M.S is here to provide a haven through which that light can be manifested and made even more profound.

We support those who wish to break free from the stigmas placed on them because of their race, upbringings, and/or financial limitations. Those who are often outcasted, isolated, and overshadowed because they seek to embrace their individuality, because they seek to be more than what the status quo deems them to be. We’re also here to help those still trying to figure out their path in life, those who have the desire to pursue their passions but don’t know how to go about it. Those who lack the discipline or motivation to move forward, who face financial limitations, lack of resources, and/or the presence of others in their lives who ignore or shun the creative aspects of their being.

A.R.M.S is here to inspire, motivate and support you. We hope that by doing so, you go on to contribute to our collective community as well as your own, with authenticity and genuine care. Our online network,, consists of information, resources, and content from our media platform Rebel Minded TV, powered by Rebel Minded Media, as well as our summer festival A Rebel Minded Festival. We’ve also formed partnerships with like-minded organizations for support on further developing our community.

​The mission of A Rebel Minded Society is to be the change we wish to see in the world. So be a part of this community and help spread the Rebel Minded message as we continue to provide a voice for rebels making a creative impact on society as their unique selves.

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