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A Mission Of Love. Childhood Cancer Fundraiser

A Mission Of Love is our non profit childhood cancer corporation. The website was started by our daughter Stephaine and I in December 2014. Stephaine was diagnosed with Grade 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma. It was an inoperable brain tumor. Instead of worrying about herself, she wanted to help others. After receiveing a letter from Anthony Melchiorri the host of Travel channels Hotel Impossible it was then we decided to do the website. The goals were to raise awareness and support others battling childhood cancer. After Stephaine passed away on April 11th 2015 I decided to turn our website into a charity. Since that day we have added more websites such as which raises awareness all year long for childhood cancer. Then there is our live event fundraisers Comedy 4 Cancer. Stephaine loved stand up comedy and helping others. I felt these events were the best way to honor both of those. We provide monthly gifts to children fighting cancer which are called our Best Day Award. This was inspired by the last conversation I ever had with Stephaine. She told me that meeting Gabriel Iglesias was the best day of her life.

With the debut of Comedy 4 Cancer we're using these events to raise money to financially assist families who have children battling cancer. In most cases because of hospital stays, at home care and travel to numerous appointments, parents need to miss work. While the family medical leave act helps with the time off. the bills never stop. Just the stress from a child being diagnosed with cancer is more than enough for any family. There is also financial stress as well. That's why I felt the need for us to do what we can to help other families out. We lived through all of this. The stress and the emotions are overwhelming. In some cases marriages end, homes are lost and some families end up filing bankruptcy. Imagine facing all that and you still don't know if your child is guaranteed a tomorrow.

Thank you. Jd Marshall "A Mission Of Love"


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