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7te. Komp. Grossdeutschland and W2HPG

Who are we?

The World War Two Historical Preservation Group (W2HPG) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the study and preservation of the military science of the Second World War. The W2HPG, Inc. is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service of the U.S. Treasury as a tax-exempt educational charity. Our purpose is to promote a better understanding of the role of the common soldier and the historically significant events that shaped the world of the 20th Century.

What do we do?

 Through “Living History” displays, W2HPG participate in public presentations at air shows, museums, national parks and military installations. The purpose of these displays is to educate the general public about the daily routine, living conditions, equipment and uniforms of the combatants of the Second World War. Participants in these displays are required to remain in a “First-Person” impression for the duration of the event, eating, sleeping and socializing within the confines of the display area where only historically accurate (original or approved reproduction) uniforms and equipment are allowed. At Living History events, for the educational benefit of the public, discussions and demonstrations are conducted to encourage questions, crowd interaction and create photo opportunities.

 At battle reenactments, member units practice historically accurate small unit tactics and endeavor to generally recreate the daily lives of combat soldiers in the field, circa 1941-45. Through these battle reenactments the W2HPG preserves the military science and traditions, as they pertain to the individual soldier, of the major combatants of World War II. At multiple day battle reenactment, the living conditions, physical hardships, application of historically accurate tactics, language and equipment, all combine to create an educational environment that fosters a better understanding, and appreciation, of the experiences of the soldiers of the Second World War.

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