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3V4F is an affiliation of career business people whose goal is to teach transitioning career military officers and SNCOs about contemporary business.  We teach the courses on a volunteer basis in appreciation for the freedoms your efforts have afforded us.

Why Business 101?  The cultures of military and civilian business worlds are far different in terms of behaviors, expectations, language, manners, metrics, and leadership styles. Consequently an individual is challenged to enter one culture from the other without some form of transitional exposure to the basic issues.

Business 101 is a no cost intensive multi-day course to help senior military personnel prepare for civilian business careers.  The goal is to help transitioning career military personnel to have better job interviews, secure that job, and to be successful in that job.

  • Business 101 provides transitioning officers and SNCOs with new tools.
  • Multi-segment courses targeted toward integrating career military personnel into the modern business culture.
  • Acquaints the career man or woman with the principal language, terms, modern concepts and theories of business management.

Appropriate for all experience levels of senior military personnel, including those with advanced degrees, such as MBA.

Business 101 is taught in business jargon, not military jargon. (Leave the military abbreviations and your rank at the door.)





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