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What began with a small group of workers in a local agency has now grown to a national organization with members from all levels of the profession from around the country. What they envisioned has come to fruition and has expanded to include case management functions designed to support self-sufficiency. NEW PATHS has gained recognition and credibility with administrators and legislators on the local, state, and federal levels. As a professional association, NEW PATHS is frequently requested to participate in the policy making process and views of NEW PATHS members are considered essential and relevant.

There is a strong need for NEW PATHS, as it is the only organization that reaches out to educate and heighten the eligibility professionals professional skills and assist in your daily pursuit for a job well done.


NEW PATHS strength comes from its members. When you join NEW PATHS you are doing something good for your profession and you reap the benefits. You will stay informed about issues, make your voice heard, sharpen your professional skills and receive a morale boost. Grow with NEW PATHS.


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