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The Awaken Studio



We are evolutionaries dramatically changing the physiology of the brain by utilizing the revolutionary Higher Brain Living® technique to create real, sustainable change in our client’s lives; allowing them to live with more joy, purpose, passion, connection, and gratitude.  We are change agents dedicated to catalyzing positive change in the world with each and every person we touch.


  • A future where people transcend fear, stress and scarcity and are free to live with compassion, peace, and abundance
  • People authentically living from their higher brain and expressing that through joy, empowerment, purpose, and passion
  • Communities filled with compassion, connection, and collaboration and with shared visions of living courageously authentic lives.
  • A culture of love, personal growth and evolution
  • A world where people and the planet are living consciously, sustainably, and with integrity


  • Empowerment
  • Wellbeing
  • Optimism
  • Personal Growth and Evolution
  • Flourishing in One’s Life
  • Being and Doing
  • “Head, Heart and Spine” 
  • Connection
  • Compassion
  • Living Courageously Authentic Lives

Warm and Uplifting


Dr. Tracy Brinkman DN, is the Advanced Facilitator and director of the AWAKEN Higher Brain Living® Center in Downtown Chicago.  She is dedicated to providing her clients with the most revolutionary care in personal growth and evolution.


Dr. Tracy

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