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Capital City Mamas is the event arm of Capital Baby Planners, LLC, a premier DC business offering a full array of baby planning and consulting services.  Founded by Sharon Cichy and Meredith Wade—experienced mothers, professionals, and meticulous planners and shoppers—Capital Baby Planners truly adheres to its motto, “You do the labor, we do the work.” 
As baby planners and as mothers, we know very well that preparing for and having a baby can be the most exciting and joyous time in a woman’s life. The planning can become addictive, and once the little bundle enters the world, each gurgle, smile, or giggle can turn gray skies to blue. But as yourbaby becomes the center of your life, it can become easy to feel disconnected from the rest of the world.  Instead of going out for dinner with friends, you are trying to catch up on sleep; rather than catching a film premiere with your partner, you’re wondering how long you can keep your eyes open for the On Demand movie you are half-watching from bed.  Suddenly, you start wondering if you really did have a social life before baby… was it just a figment of your imagination?

When we were new mothers, we both experienced this feeling and found that new motherhood – exhilarating, exciting, and totally engrossing – could also feel a little lonely.  When Sharon had her first child, she trekked 15 miles up the highway because she’d found a playgroup there.  Meredith drove from her home in the Maryland suburbs to the suburban Virginia home of her college girlfriend at least twice each week when she and her friend both had their first children. And we know from working with expectant and new parents all over the DC area that new parenthood can be simultaneously elating and isolating.

That is why Capital Baby Planners is kicking off a new event series called “Capital City Moms.”  We want two moms who are struggling with their baby’s slow weight gain to find and connect with each other; for playgroups to form naturally; for expectant mothers to be able to talk to each other about round ligament pain and peeing-while-sneezing (oops, did we just say that out loud?).  We will host events where women (sometimes with their partners or children) can learn about all sorts of issues related to pregnancy, childbirth, and childrearing.  Sometimes we’ll host get-togethers just for fun – a Bobbi Brown makeover event or dinner at a great new restaurant.  Other times we will host experts in a variety of fields – from breastfeeding to marital relationships after baby, we’ll bring the information to you from the people who know it best.  Wherever it is, whatever the topic, our goal is to provide a forum for women to meet each other, form friendships, and feel connected to a larger community of expectant and new moms.  Oh, and we’ll also have seriously amazing giveaways because, well, wouldn’t that just make everything just a little more fun?

We look forward to getting to know all of you personally, connecting you to each other, and watching friendships blossom!

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