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10/31 Consortium

Mission: 10/31 Consortium is a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to serving our community through the fun and creativity of Halloween traditions and folklore.


Vision: 10/31 Consortium believes that children should not have to leave their own neighborhoods to experience the joys of Halloween and that doing so can be detrimental to the strength of the community; we believe that children can be our greatest models of courage; and we believe that Halloween is a time of self-expression and imagination brought to life through vivid artistry.


1. It is our goal to revitalize the neighborhood tradition of Trick or Treat.
2. It is our goal to provide comfort and support to children when they must be their most courageous selves.
3. It is our goal to provide outlets for the community to express its Halloween creativity.


1. To provide a safe space and resources of costumes or candy for children to Trick or Treat as the tradition intends, in their very own neighborhoods.
2. To provide fun and encouraging Halloween activities for children faced with critical illnesses.
3. To provide Halloween themed events throughout the year for our members and the community.

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