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Collect Donations Online

Eventbrite lets you collect open ended donations as your attendees are registering. 

Post your event online using Eventbrite today!

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Create an event (Free!)
Here's how its done. 
1.  Post your event on Eventbrite
Fill in the details of your event—name, date, location, price, event details.  Save a draft of your event with a custom URL on Eventbrite.com. 
2.  For ticket price, select 'donation'
You can create as many tickets as needed—but for the donation ticket, you can let attendees fill in the amount. 
3.  Send email invitations
Once you have your event published, send out an email invitation to your guest list so that they can register of donate. 
4.  Promote on Facebook / Twitter
Share instantly on your social networks.  Eventbrite makes it really easy for your attendees to broadcast their RSVP on their networks as well!

Secure / simple credit card processing
Registration security is a top priority for organizers and attendees: Eventbrite is PCI Complaint and McAfee secure. We also support PayPal and Google Checkout.

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Create an event (Free!)

"The elegance and simplicity of the registration process for the attendees markes it a winner every time. ... Our commitment to Eventbrite has been one of our best decisions"

—Suri Patel
Those in the know use Eventbrite.