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Organizing an event

Cancel your event

If you need to cancel your event, change your event status to “Cancelled.” Then, let your attendees know by sending an email. Lastly, refund all orders. Eventbrite returns the fees for cancelled events.

Before you start

1. Go to Manage my Events.

Go to Manage my events and select your event.

2. If you still have tickets on sale, set the event status to “Cancelled”.

If you still have tickets on sale, change the event status to pause ticket sales. Your event page will then show the “cancelled” status to potential ticket buyers.

  1. Select On sale.

  2. Select Change status. Then select “Cancelled”.

  3. Click Take off sale

3. Email your attendees.  

Email your attendees the following information:

  • If you plan to reschedule the event.

  • When they can expect refunds.

  • Who attendees can contact for questions. Double-check the reply-to email to make sure replies go to the right place.

4. Refund all orders.

When you cancel an event, Eventbrite requires you to refund all orders

  1. Go to Manage my events and select your event.

  2. Select Manage attendees, then select Orders.

  3. Select Issue multiple refunds.

  4. Choose a refund method ($USD only). 

  5. Select Select all.

  6. Select Refund

  7. Confirm the number of refunds and click Issue X refunds. (The number will reflect the total number of orders you’ve selected.) 

This process can’t be stopped or reversed once the refunds are in progress. When the process is complete, review the status column. Issue any unsuccessful refunds individually instead.

5. Optional: Unpublish your event.

If you want to remove your event from showing in search results, unpublish it. Once an event is unpublished, you can’t publish it again. 

  1. Go to your event dashboard.

  2. Select Cancelled

  3. Select Unpublish event, then Unpublish event to confirm.

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