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Rally support among constituents

Rally support among constituents

Eventbrite delivers a simple yet powerful way to set up your political meetings, rallies and conventions on your own branded page. Create an event in minutes, ask constituents custom survey questions, and let invitees RSVP with a click of a button. With our real-time data, you can manage every communication touch-point, see automatic updates to your attendee list, and track attendees, so you know who to contact for events in the future. Best of all, Eventbrite is free for free events!

For Political Organizers and Campaign Directors

  • Raise money

    Raise money

    Sell tickets and collect donations for fundraisers and rallies.

  • Represent your brand

    Represent your brand

    Customize your event page to match your campaign’s website.

  • Gather attendee info

    Gather attendee info

    Collect data and ask custom survey questions to understand your supporters, volunteers and attendees.

Other features

  • Rally your supporters with robust social media integration

  • Easily collect donations on-site through our At The Door iPad app

  • Send email invitations to supporters

  • Flexible remittance options

  • 24/7 customer service and support

  • Check in guests with our free mobile apps

The Eventbrite Experience

How to Recruit and manage volunteers

Whitepaper: How to Recruit & Manage Volunteers

Discover best practices for effectively enrolling and supervising event volunteers

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Our Customers

  • Amp Summit

    "At the annual AMP Summit, we discuss how the Internet and social media have forever changed the worlds of activism, media and policy. Technology has changed events, too, including ours. Eventbrite's social integration allows our attendees to amplify the conversation through every registration."

    - David All, Founder, Activism + Media + Policy Summit

  • T4, Technology for Obama
  • The South Carolina Democatric Party
  • Ohio Republican Party
  • Democrats
  • Nevada Democrats
  • Ron Paul
  • Illinois Republican Party
  • Wisgob.org

    "Eventbrite has been the perfect solution for our ticketing and event registration needs. The event management system makes it easy for us to customize each of our events to our target audience. We look forward to working with Eventbrite again this summer for our 2012 Convention!"

    - Tom Dickens, Political Director, Republican Party of Wisconsin

  • Mitt Romney
  • Alabama Democratic Party

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