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Bring your performance to life

Bring your performance to life

Eventbrite makes it easy and affordable for anyone to host an event and bring people together to share a common passion. We empower dancers, singers, acrobats, comedians and artists in the performing arts community to create a webpage for their events, sell tickets online and at the door. Let your biggest fans become your best promoters and grow your following with our built-in promotional tools.

For the Performing Arts Community

  • Make registration easy

    Make registration easy

    Add a registration form to your website or blog and boost signups in more places

  • Get the word out

    Get the word out

    Email guests and send event reminders

  • Reach a bigger audience

    Reach a bigger audience

    Take advantage of easy, built-in social promotion on Facebook and Twitter

Other features

  • Collect cash and credit at the door with our mobile box office

  • Low per-ticket service fees; no cost for free events

  • Innovative, reliable mobile ticket scanning solutions

  • Attendees can register using their mobile device and access mobile tickets

  • Intuitive, flexible, easy-to-use platform

  • 24/7 customer service and support

  • Automatic promotion on targeted event listing sites and event recommendation newsletters

  • Set up and track promotion and discount codes

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Our Customers

  • Counter Pulse
  • ClereStory
  • The Dark Room
  • Levy Dance
  • The Comedy Attic
  • improv Boston
  • Ray of Light
  • Dirty South Comedy Theater
  • The Comedy Studio

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