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Easy, professional event registration

Whether you're holding a private corporate meeting or a professional networking event, Eventbrite provides you with the tools you need to make your gathering a success. Easily set up recurring events or invitation-only seminars—and spread the word through social media, search engines and public listings. We’re proud to offer our platform free of charge for free events.

For Event Planners and Meeting Organizers

  • Maintain your brand

    Maintain your brand

    Customize your invitations and surveys to align with your brand's existing look and feel.

  • Make registration easy

    Make registration easy

    Add a registration form to your website or blog and drive signups in more places.

  • Gather attendee info

    Gather attendee info

    Collect custom data about your attendees through signups and surveys.

Other features

  • Email attendees and send event reminders

  • Utilize event marketing tools and surveys

  • Check in guests through our free mobile apps

  • 24/7 customer service and support

  • Reach new attendees through robust social media integration

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The Eventbrite Experience

Social Media

Whitepaper: Social Media: How to Increase Event Registrations

Learn how to effectively share and promote your event through social media.

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