Search & Recommendation Systems at Eventbrite

On Eventbrite, users can serendipitously discovery events they will love. But making this possible this isn’t easy. Events are short-lived and by the time we can build an adequate collaborative-filtering model, the event is already over. This talk discusses how we’re overcoming technical challenges with a combination of collaborative-filtering and content-based methods.

You’ll learn: The nitty-gritty details of our problem space. Maybe it’s similar to yours! Is a search engine a good technology for serving up recommendations? Our pain points and how we overcame them. What did we try? What failed? How did we scale? How did we determine the quality of our recommendations?

John Berryman is a Senior Software Engineer on Eventbrite’s Search and Discovery team. Working out of Eventbrite’s Nashville office, John implements algorithms to provide personalized recommendations and search to users. John is also the author of Taming Search

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  1. Does your event recommendations based on feedback of actual attendees of those events or just based on near by locations

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