Zero Carbon, Zero Bills by David Green

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Zero Carbon, Zero Bills by David Green

Heating bill hurting? Learn how to cut it (and your carbon emissions) to zero by someone who has done it and offers, free independent advice

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  • 1 hour 30 minutes
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Presented by David Green who does not work for or get paid by any manufacturer or installer. He is completely independent (in fact he has a full-time job as CEO of a biotech company). But he is also an energy geek (BA in physics from Oxford University) and a finance nerd (MBA from Harvard Business School). He cut his home's carbon emissions and utility bills to zero by installing the "Fab Four" (apologies Paul, John, George and Ringo) of heat pumps, insulation, triple-glazed windows and solar panels. He is making a 15% return on investment. After tax and indexed for inflation. Sure beats my 401(k)! That 15% ROI is at 2016 gas/oil prices. At today's pri es, which are about double what they were in 2016, the ROI would be closer to 25-30%. An HBS grad might refer to this as venture capital returns with municipal bond risk.