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ZAMIL in NYC! 3 Day Weekend Package (April 28-30)

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The Players' Theatre

115 Macdougal Street

3rd Floor Room 3C

New York, NY 10012

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Best Value. All 3 classes! Only 15 couples spaces available. Limited number of Observer spots! ALL SALES ARE FINAL!!! Includes:

Friday, April 28th @ 6 pm to 9 pm - Performances and Rope Workshop

Saturday, April 29 @ 10 am - 6 pm - Mindfulness in Rope Intensive

Sunday, April 30 @ 10 am - 6 pm - Suspensions, Transitions and Emergency in Full Flight Intensive

Friday, April 28th @ 6 pm to 9 pm - Performances and Rope Workshop

This class is for the experienced to advanced student, observers welcome at all levels.
What to bring: Yourself, your partner, rope and your bondage gear
Duration: 3 hours, some breaks in between

For many of us, rope performance art is the ultimate skill-set you can master. There is a huge difference between a scene, a demo and a performance. Each of those have different aspects to think about, a different intensity in preparations and a different skill set that rigger and partner should have to make it a huge success and wonderful experience. Mastering rope performance art means mastering scenes and demos as well.

Nobody likes to see the one trick pony over and over again. If you are or if you want to be on stage and if you want to master scenes and shows as well this class is for you: This class will focus purely on the important aspects of bondage performance art, how to put a show on stage that rocks the audience and boosting your theatrical and show abilities to a new high.

Performances can be looked at from the angles of three main actors: There is the audience you cater for, there is your partner you need to take care of and there is you. Each one has a different role, different needs and different goals. Together we will do a guided tour through the main stages of any performance you like to put on stages worldwide. We will be very hands on, practical and look at performance from the viewpoint of the tree main actors.

We will look at the key concepts of performance art and apply them to rope performances, we will learn about the interactions between audience and performance, the interactions between the rigger and the model, the phases of any performance art, main concepts on how people perceive performances so you can cater for mostly all of them, plan and design a performance, learn rope techniques suitable for performances, utilize drama techniques from theater, learn how to fight stage fright and leave the class with a catalog of experiences that will boost your understanding, handling and abilities of and in bondage performances.

Saturday, April 29 @ 10 am - 6 pm - Mindfulness in Rope Intensive

This class is for the experienced to advanced student, observers welcome at all levels.

I just love those moments when two souls melt together, the moments in which time just stops and goes some place else, the moments of rope touching skin, guiding my partner into places and spaces maybe unknown or not experienced before, the moments when I fully take care of her, knowing that she’s giving in completely, knowing that no harm will come towards her because I take care of her.

Rope is a wonderful tool. But it is a tool, not an end in itself. What you put in, you get out and sometimes, if everything falls into place at the right time, you get even more out of it than you ever expected.

In this class, we will walk the way together to get there and to achieve those moments.


  • How your mindset and emotions reflect on your rope work and how to use that

  • Ways to feel the current state of mind of you partner

  • How to guide your partner’s state of mind and how to synchronize

  • How to reach “the moment” and how to stay in it

  • And while you are learning all that, you will learn various TK, Futomomo, Organic-Shibari-Pattern and rope-handling


  • Lots of rope (min 8 length of 8m jute or hemp (jute’s better!, MFP will be burned!)

  • A partner (washed, hugged and freshly squeezed. Important: choose someone you will enjoy to touch a lot, because you will touch them a lot!)

  • A Tengui (or any other soft fabric to use as a blindfold but please NO blindfolds)

  • A metronome* (just one, or a professional drummer with his kit will do too) *don’t worry, I have one… that will be enough for the whole class

Sunday, April 30 @ 10 am - 6 pm - Suspensions, Transitions and Emergency in Full Flight Intensive

This class is for the advanced student, observers welcome at all levels.

That’s a program! First you get into suspensions. It is necessary that you know how to tie a box tie and have some light suspension experience as we are going into the more advanced stuff.

So, up we go: We do suspensions. Belly down, face up, sideways, just on the angles depending what we like the best. Learning how to tie suspensions safely, suspension gear, line management and how to tie suspensions quickly.

Now we are in the air. Now what? We go into a different suspension, without touch down and back and then we do a different transition.

But wait, what happens if something happens?

There are suspensions and there are emergencies. Hopefully more suspensions than emergencies! But what if?

Now we train for the rare case where you need to get your partner from a full-fledged suspension down to earth and out of the ropes quickly.


  • What counts as an emergency

  • How to handle the different types of emergencies

  • Why it is not advisable to use scissors or a knife

  • What to do and what not to do in case of emergency

  • How to get your partner quickly and safe back to the ground without cutting rope

  • How to add some safety into your suspension from the very beginning


  • Lots of rope (some of which you will have to cut, no tears please!)

  • A sporty partner (we’ll go up and down and flip them and up and down and up and… you get the picture)

  • Your set of scissors, knifes or whatever releasing tools you prefer

BIO: Zamil was born and raised in Berlin. He has been performing on stage since before he turned twenty and has always enjoyed the lights of the stage. Becoming active in the lifestyle in 1999, he began doing BDSM shows since 2003 and became the founder of ArtSensual project ( with his former partner maliZ. ArtSensual has become world renown as an established name for high class bondage performances, and has had their work shown in fetish magazines, the daily press and radio stations as well as TV, magazines and podcasts. They have been voted “Best Performer” in 2008 by the international audience at BoundCon.

A teacher by heart, Zamil has spent years as an educator at the college level. In 2004 he traveled to Japan to study traditional kinbaku techniques at its source, he became student to Osada Steve. His patience, focus and fun delivering those traditions and new styles of rope art from Japan has become well known.

Zamil became teacher of the Osada Ryu in 2007, teaching contemporary Kinbaku techniques to the interested student. He finished his study of the Osada Ryu in 2009. In the same year he became editor-in-chief of the German Bondage Magazine.

Zamil sees himself first as a live bondage performance artist, bondage trainer and author. He’s very traditional in terms of bondage. This means for him that he takes Shibari and the Japanese tying tradition seriously. Shibari for him is not only a tie, but a special bondage, following certain aesthetic rules in visual and application.

Limited number of Private Lessons with Zamil Available May 1 – May 3.

For more information, please write with subject heading : Zamil Private Sessions


Are there ID or minimum age or dress requirements to enter the event?

You must be 18 or over to attend event. Please show your member ID if you have opted for the member's discount. As there may be children in the building, you must remain clothed when in public areas such as hallways. Please also note that this venue is only accessible by two flights of stairs.

What are my transportation options for getting to and from the event?

The Players Theatre is close only a few blocks away from the West Fourth Street train station, serving the A, C, E, B, D, F and M trains. It's a short walk from the Houston Street 1 stop, and also the R and 6 trains. For more information, please consult

What is the difference between observer and participating couple?

Participating couples will be included in the hands-on portion of the workshops and receive personal attenton from Zamil and his teaching assistants. We have a limited number of seats for observers, so they may also benefit from Zamil's instruction, even if they are not ready for or interested in the hands-on aspect at this time. As always, TES members get the lowest prices. Memberships are available online at and in person at classes.

Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the workshop begins in order to register. Doors will close to latecomers who must wait for a break in order to enter.

Will single day passes be available?

Possibly. We have a limited number of spaces, so we are giving priority to people who are opting for the full weekend. If we have seats left, we will open them up for individual day sales on eventbrite a few weeks before. The best value will always be for the full weekend.

What can I bring into the event?

Patticipating couples are encouraged to bring their own rigs, as there will be a limited number of rigs available. They are advised to bring a floor covering (scarf, towel, sheet) and whatever is listed in the description for each relevant workshop.

You may bring food and non-alcoholic drink. We ask that you keep the area clean, and that you avoid noisy wrappers or food with a pungent odor. We reserve the right to ban food from the venue if this is an issue.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You can write to --please put Zamil Workshop in the subject line for a timelier response. If you are interested in private sessions with Zamil, (available May 1 - May 3) please contact with subject heading: Zamil Private Sessions.


Date and Time


The Players' Theatre

115 Macdougal Street

3rd Floor Room 3C

New York, NY 10012

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