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Z Car Club Fun Run

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High Plains Raceway

93301 U.S. 36

Deer Trail, CO 80105

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September 23, 2017
a.k.a. Track Day

Hi Fun Run Enthusiasts. We are fast approaching the second track event of 2017. Saturday, September 23, is the date
and it’s time to start checking out your car. I've been working on mine for a
while now and it should be ready for the BIG event.

Invite your friends, co-workers, and if you’re really brave, some in-laws or outlaws. We will all have a good time! Don’t forget to have your cars inspected prior to the event as the day of the event is jammed packed with
things to do before cars are on the track. So drop by Gary Bracken's house for your car's safety inspection.

Boulder Nissan, our event sponsor, has returned bigger and better than ever! They
assist the Z Car club of Colorado in defraying the cost of the event and provides corner workers. Jason
Purdum, owner of Boulder Nissan, is a great car enthusiast and drives a very well prepared Nissan GTR. You
should check out this GTR!!

There will be a lunch hour in addition to plenty of time on the
track. This is a winning situation as far as I can tell and Jason is excited.

So, if you have ever thought about coming to the track, this is the one to attend.
Again, we will have tech sessions for this event at the Bracken's house (2487 S. Dover Way,
Lakewood, CO 80227, 303-969-9964) Saturday September 16, 2017 – 10am to 2pm
and Wednesday, September 20 - 4pm to 6pm.

Let’s get our cars tech’d prior to track day as it will save you and me a lot of time that
morning of the event. It is an hour and fifteen minutes from my house to the track. Take
my word for it, you will like having tech done early. Besides it is a long way to the parts
store to correct some minor problem.

Contact: Roy Davis (303) 726-1644 ( or Mike Goddard 303) 523-9656 ( with any questions.




September 23, 2017

6:45 A.M. until 5:15 P.M.

Driver #1_________________________________ Driver #2 ___________________________________

Street address: _________________________________________________

(city, state, zip)_________________________________________________

Phone: Home __________________________ Work __________________

Cell __________________________________

E-mail address: __________________________________________________________________

Z Car Club of Colo. Membership #_______________ Expires____________

Non-Member __________

Car: Make____________________ Model________________ Year________ Color_________________

Performance Modifications. ______________________________________________________________

Driver 1 experience: novice (D) ; intermediate (C) ; advanced (B) ; expert (A)

Driver 2 experience: novice (D) ; intermediate (C) ; advanced (B) ; expert (A)

Driver 1 (Member) $135.00 Driver 1 (Non-Member) _____$155.00

Driver 2 (Member) $ 40.00 Driver 2 (Non-Member) $ 60.00

Please circle appropriate group and enter amount enclosed: $ ___________________________

Your check should be made out to Z Car Club of Colorado (ZCCC).

Registration will be limited to the first 60 cars, so please register early

For advance tech inspection, please contact Roy Davis (see below). For all cars not tech’d earlier, inspection will be held at the track as time permits. Cars with inadequate tires, brakes, steering, or with fluid leaks or loose parts will not be allowed on the course. Open or excessively loud exhausts will also be disallowed. DRIVERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO CHECK THEIR CARS and make any needed repairs BEFORE coming to the track.

Mail registration with check to: Z Car Club of Colorado, C/0 Roy Davis

4764 South Garland Street

Littleton, CO 80123-1050

DRIVER'S CERTIFICATION: I am entering this event to have fun and to drive safely on High Plains Raceway (HPR). I agree: to abide by all ZCCC written and verbal instructions and track steward at this event, including but not limited to the strict rules regarding passing on the track, to wear an approved (at Tech Inspection) Snell rated helmet on the track along with long pants, long sleeved tops, and close toed shoes of natural or non-combustible materials, corner workers provided. I also understand that passengers without proper restraints, clothing, helmet, shoes and a valid driver’s license will not be allowed on the course.

Signature (Driver 1): __________________________ Date: _______________________

Signature (Driver 2): ______________________________ Date: ______________________

For information, contact: Roy Davis (303-726-1644,

Date and Time


High Plains Raceway

93301 U.S. 36

Deer Trail, CO 80105

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