Youth Matinee: Mad River Theatre Works presents Wings of Courage

Sales Have Ended

Registrations are closed
Ticket sales for this event have ended. Contact Andrew Gordon, 210-207-2719, to check on any last minute availability.

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Carver Community Cultural Center

226 North Hackberry

San Antonio, TX 78202

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Sales Have Ended

Registrations are closed
Ticket sales for this event have ended. Contact Andrew Gordon, 210-207-2719, to check on any last minute availability.
Event description


Eugene Bullard's story would be unbelievable if it were not all true. He was a professional boxer, World War I flying ace, jazz musician and a spy. Who is this remarkable African-America? Born in Columbus, Georgia, Bullard traveled the world, joining the French Foreign Legion after being denied a meaningful place in the United States Army. He rose through the ranks and flew agaisnt the famous "Red Baron" as part of the Lafayette Escadrille. But when the Escadrille was incorporated into the new U.S. Army Air Corps in 1917, the color of Bullard's skin prevented him from taking his place alongside the other American heroes of his day. But that didn't stop him.He went on to fame as a bandleader in Paris during the 1920's and was a spy against the Nazis. This original play by Mad River Theatre Works shows how Bullard's determination and perserverance helped him to overcome discrimination throughout his life. It is an uplifting tale of vision and hope.

Recommended for 3rd - 12th grades.

The Carver Community Cultural Center‘s Youth Matinee Series engages children, teachers and families through the performing arts by igniting imaginations and introducing students to the diverse cultures of our global community, these performances open doors to greater knowledge and understanding of our world and fosters a love for the arts and learning.

All performances are free and open to the public. Registration required for all guests. Priority reservations for school groups. All matinees begin at 11:00 am and last approximately an hour.



Address: 226 N. Hackberry, San Antonio, TX 78202, between Houston and Commerce Streets. View map

TRAIN DELAY ADVISORY: We strongly advise using Nolan, Iowa or Montana Streets to get here. Avoid using Commerce, Houston and Pine Streets, all of which have street-level railroad crossings and often have slow-moving or parked trains on the tracks. Many school groups have arrived late to our matinees because of these train crossings.

Event Start: All matinees begin promptly at 11 a.m., lasting approximately 50-60 minutes.

Arrivals: Doors will open for most shows at 10:15 a.m., at which time seating will begin.


For questions and assistance with online registration, call the Carver Box Office (210-207-2234) or email


When can I register and how are tickets distributed?

We have implemented new registration practices this year. These procedures are intended to give school groups priority access to our matinees and ensure higher attendance at the performances by reducing the number of no-shows.

  • Schools (state-licensed public, charter and private) have priority registration for ticket requests. Registrations for the all matinees will open for schools September 1, 2018.

  • All School registrations will be reviewed for eligibility. If we determine your request to be ineligible as a School, your registration will be cancelled and we will notify you via email of this action.

  • All other ticket types (homeschool, senior groups, individuals) will become avialableas follows: Events occuring between October - December 2018 will go onsale as of Sept. 19, 2018. Events occurring January - May 2019 will go onsale as of December 1, 2018. Tickets are reserved for all these ticket types, so will be available effective the on-sale date.

  • Available ticket for "all other ticket types" may increase, based upon advance school group registrations.

Can I register for multiple events in the series at one time?

Schools, yes; other ticket types, no.

Schools may register for all of the matinees that are open to registration; however, each matinee requires a separate registration. Other ticket types can only register for a matinee four (4) weeks prior to the matinee's date.

My school group is larger than 100 attendees, but ticket requests are capped at 100. What do we do?

You must complete two registration requests.Place your initial request for 100. Later in the registration process you will be asked for the total number of tickets needed for your group, if greater than 100. Enter the total number of tickets needed in that space. Once you have completed the registration, you will need to place a second registration for the remaining balance of your group. You will need to fill out all the requested information, which is minor inconvenience, but it is efficient in the long run.

What if I don't know how many will be attending on the day of the event?

Register the number of attendees that are most likely to attend the event. Two weeks prior to the event, we will contact you to confirm your group's final attendance. Do not order in excess of your best estimate, as attendance will be reviewed and a history of lower group attendance than tickets requested for future events may affect your group's ticket allocations.

Can homeschool households and co-ops register as a group or school?

No. Homeschoolers may only request as an individual households, and may request no more than six (6) tickets per household. We will cancel all requests by homeschools attempting to register as a school or other group.

I'm trying to register, but when I enter my quantity it says the amount requested isn't available. What's up with that?

If you're registering late, there may not be enough tickets left. We are distributing 660 tickets to each matinee. Each ticket type has been allocated a predetermined quantity. All tickets requests are pulled from the total 660 tickets available. So, if schools have claimed 450 tickets during advance registration, only 210 tickets remain to be distributed among all other ticket types.

Regardless of the type of tickets being requested, when the total amount distributed reaches 660, tickets will no longer be distributed. Likewise, the number of tickets allocated to a particular ticket type may all be claimed.

Can I email or fax my registration?

No. All orders must be made through Eventbrite.

Can I update my registration information?

Yes, you may update your registration information online up to the sales end date, or thereafter by contacting the Carver Box Office: 210-207-7211,


What happens if we register but later find out that we can't attend?

If you registered but are later unable to attend, update your information using your Eventbrite registration confirmation or contact the Carver Box Office ( to release your seats.

All school registrations will be contacted via phone or email 2-3 weeks prior to the event to confirm attendance at the event. If you do not confirm your registration within three business as required, your tickets for the event will be released. If you confirm and are a no-show at the event, all registrations for future events in the series will be cancelled.

In the event that a school registers then cancels their registration less than a week prior to the event or is a no-show after cancelling, we will send notification to the registrant and the school's administrators to make them aware of the situation and of any possible consequences, i.e. cancellation of all remaining reserverations for the school.

Do I have to present a ticket at the event?

No. Physical tickets are not being distributed. You will be required to check-in upon arrival.

Is there reserved seating?

Yes and no. Seating is typically on a first-come, first seated basis; however, we reserve the right to designate assigned seats or sections based upon the registrations received for each matinee. We understand that you may desire to sit in a particular area, and will accommodate those requests if possible. The Carver will determine available seating locations for all matinees.

Saving seats is prohibited.

Is ADA seating available?

Yes, indviduals requiring accessible seating will be offered an opportunity to request it during registration. ADA seating may be apart from the rest of your group. If a minor requires special accommodations, a chaperone is required to accompany the minor.

We ordered tickets individually, but we want to sit together. How can we arrange that?

If you are meeting up with other households or individuals and wish to sit together, you are requested to arrive early and be prepared to enter as a group. We do not guarantee that space will be able for you to sit in a group, however. We also do not permit seat-saving for anyone not present, if you choose to be seated before everyone you're expecting is present.

Is parking available? View map

Bus Parking: If arriving by bus, busses may unload passengers on Hackberry Street in front of the theatre. After unloading, drivers may proceed north on Hackberry to park, or may park on Mesquite and Swiss Streets. Do not park in the Brackenridge Learning Center or Taylor Mortuary lots.

Vehicle Parking: Individuals arriving by vehicle may park free at 215 N. Hackberry, in our Center St. lot, located behind the theatre or on any available side streets. The streets are not metered.

Senior Center Vans and Handicapped Parking: Seniors and handicapped individuals should unload on Center Street, just north of the theatre, where an ADA ramp is conveniently located. Using the side entrance also reduces the number of stairs required to enter the facility. After unloading, drivers may park in our Center Street lot, located behind the theatre, which offers designated Handicapped Parking spaces.

Do you offer transportation assistance for schools?

Yes. Transportation funds are available for public, charter and private schools until funding runs out. To receive information on reimbursement, select "Yes" when asked during the registration process, and information will be emailed to you.

  • Reimbursements are capped at $125 per bus/driver, and will be limited to your actual expense if less than $125
  • Your school group must have at least 25 attendees
  • Reimbursements are processed after you have submitted invoices (not estimates) for bus services
  • Reimbursements will be pre-approved upon receipt of your registration
  • As funding is limited, funds may not be available for all programs late in the season.

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Date and Time


Carver Community Cultural Center

226 North Hackberry

San Antonio, TX 78202

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