YOUR WINNING STORY: Storytelling Secrets from a STORYSLAM expert March 2017
$279 – $450
YOUR WINNING STORY: Storytelling Secrets from a STORYSLAM expert March 2017

YOUR WINNING STORY: Storytelling Secrets from a STORYSLAM expert March 2017

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West End Plaza

1035 Pearl Street

4th floor

Boulder, CO 80302

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Ever imagined telling a story
on stage at the story slam?

Truth Be Told, The Moth, the one your neighbor hosted in the backyard last summer.

[Wait... you haven't been to a story slam? Check it out HERE.]

If you have been to a story slam, are you the one who's imagined yourself on stage, but you sit in the audience every time, making sure your hand doesn't get anywhere near THE DREADED HAT?

The stage feels like it’s a million miles away. It's big and scary. All those people. The lights. Those dragons. The moat you have to cross to get to the stage.


Or maybe you’ve told a story and it fell flat. Didn’t quite land. You got blown off the stage by the dreaded blowhorn cuz you kinda got off track, wandered down some back roads, and never made it to that great punchline you had planned.

Totally bombed and left the stage with your head between your knees, vowing never to tell a story again.

Like, ever.

Well, I know you’re not in it for the win, but imagine getting a big, fat personal win when you get your story crafted and on stage delivered to your beloved Truth Be Told audience.

You will be the hero in your own story!
You won’t want to stop!
You’ll put your name in the hat every time!

You're in luck. I’ve got just the ticket.

I’m offering a 4-week course to craft your story.
WEDNESDAYS, March 8-April 5, (no class March 29) 6:30-8:45pm
Final showcase April 12

You’ll get all my best storytelling secrets, and you’ll walk away with a story to tell at the slam, PLUS the confidence to actually follow through, put your name in the hat, AND DELIVER IT.

Yes. On stage at Truth Be Told.

(Of course you can tell your story a dinner table, at The Moth in Denver, at a business meeting, at a wedding...but we're aiming for the Truth Be Told stage)

I’ll show you how to structure your story so it feels easy & natural to tell. You’ll have a clear format to help you stay within the time limit and keep your audience engaged.

Not only keep them engaged--I’ll show you how to knock their socks off.

Here’s what we’ll cover:
1. DIG: Find the stories that are yours to tell

  • Based on the story slam themes of 2017, come up with a treasure chest of stories
  • Craft the arc of a story that builds interest and momentum
  • Uncover the essential elements of a GREAT STORY

2. DEVELOP: Make Your Story POP!

  • Awaken the SENSES that will bring your story to LIFE
  • Discover the DETAILS that enhance the IMAGE-WORLD of the story
  • Get clear on which parts of your story to leave in and which parts to leave out.

3. DELIVER: Move Your Audience To Action

  • Build SUSPENSE, CURIOSITY, and ENGAGEMENT so audiences say "TELL ME MORE!"
  • Bring more of YOURSELF to the stage and REACH the people you’re meant to serve.
  • ENLIVEN your WORDS to bring fresh and powerful ENERGY to your SPEAKING.

You’ll get a 30 minute 1:1 session with me
Plus we’ll gather for an informal sharing of your stories for the group and some invited guests--so you get a chance to tell it “on stage” before you hit the big stage of Truth Be Told.

ALL THAT for $350.

And if you register before 2/28, you can do it for $279.

Storytelling is way more fun with a friend, so bring one and get an extra bonus!!

It’s a screamin deal, and it’s gonna be big fun. Come join us!


"Before taking this class I loved to hear stories, but couldn't imagine having the confidence to get up or pipe up and do it myself. Now I understand story structure, which keeps the story moving, and helps if you fear getting stage struck. I now have some tools to examine my experience from a lense of 'where's the story?' I can imagine telling decent stories in different settings and situations." --Chris Randol

"It was so much fun to take this class! I loved learning the craft of story telling, creating my own story, practicing and sharing with others. It was a bonus that we had such an awesome group. Johanna is a great and spirited teacher!" --Patricia Karpas

"I signed up for this class with the desire to develop my ability to not only tell my story, but to craft it as well. Johanna's knowledgeable, positive and supportive coaching in both of these areas gave my stories wings to fly and exceeded my former range in confidence to really tell them. It was the most rewarding experience as I could have hoped it would be. I'm now primed to just pump out more stories!" --Janet McRoberts

photo by Katie Day Weisberger

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Date and Time


West End Plaza

1035 Pearl Street

4th floor

Boulder, CO 80302

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