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Please note: This course takes place every Tuesday for five weeks. We will meet (virtually) at 7pm and end at 9pm. Your purchase of the single date/ticket includes all 5 calls.

Are you longing to access your authentic voice and activate your creative expression?

Join award winning poet and sound practitioner Elana Bell, for Your Sacred Expression, a five week virtual program, dedicated to activating your voice, providing a sacred container to alchemize emotion and experience into expression, and offering support and accountability for your creative visions and your writing practice.

Do you find yourself struggling to make your creative expression a priority? Make a commitment to honor your authentic voice through guided support and community engagement. We will meet once a week for five weeks, and our time together will include guided sound meditation to support you in releasing the grip of your inner critic, movement and vocal release work, and custom writing prompts to move you past writer’s block and into inspired creativity. There will be time to write actively on the call, as well as time to share work and receive support, and set goals.

Do you crave community with other passionate, engaged women? Our sacred creative circle will introduce you to a dynamic group of diverse and passionate women who will be working alongside you, sharing work, and celebrating each other’s successes.

Program Begins May 28th 2019

Call Schedule

  • Tuesday May 28th 7-9pm EST Module 1: Activating Your Sacred Creative
  • Tuesday June 4th 7-9pm EST Module 2: Diving Deep: Memory as Creative Inspiration
  • Tuesday June 11th 7-9pm EST Module 3: SoundingYour Truth
  • Tuesday June 18th 7-9pm EST: Module 4: Working Creatively in Community
  • Tuesday June 25th 7-9pm EST: Reading and Celebrating Your Work


  • Five group calls, which will activate your authentic creative voice, connect you with powerful community, and support you in moving toward your creative visions. All calls will be recorded.

  • A live sacred sound meditation on each call to calm your nervous system and activate your creativity.

  • Tools to quiet the inner critic and unleash your creative expression including vocal release, vocal toning, guided movement, writing prompts.

  • Inspiring Writing Prompts which will allow you to move past writer’s block and dig deep into the wellspring of creativity.

  • Custom Curated Texts to ignite and inspire you.

  • A Supportive Community

  • A Private Facebook Group to share your work and stay connected between the calls.

    Optional Add-ons:

  • Tending the Garden: All of the above, plus three to six private 75-minute one-on-one sessions over Skype or Zoom which will include: sacred space to honor and inspire your inner writer, guided sound meditation to release blocks and access creativity, a custom curriculum designed specially for you including generative writing exercises, hand selected readings and prompts to work on at home, and feedback on your writing. These sessions are discounted for members of Your Sacred Expression.

  • Burst into Bloom: All of the above plus a VIP in-person retreat This 3 hour in-person retreat takes place at a beautiful studio in NYC and includes an intake conversation to connect to your creative visions and dreams, and understand what is blocking them, a personalized sacred sound journey to relax your nervous system and activate your creativity, a vocal release practice that you can use to tap into and alchemize your powerful emotions into creative jet fuel, customized writing prompts designed to move past your inner critic and connect you to your authentic expression, and a next steps creative vision and activation plan. These sessions are discounted for members of Your Sacred Expression.

If you are interested in the private sessions or VIP Retreat, please contact me at to schedule a complimentary consult call.


“Elana is lovely in every sense of the word— her spirit, her manner, her guidance. She is adept at creating a safe space for creative risk taking and vulnerability. Elana’s workshops perfectly balance personal reflection and sharing with other women. I leave each session having grown. I leave each session with a sense of possibility. I leave each session more alive, connected and inspired. I leave each session wanting more...” –Eloiza Jorge, private client and workshop participant

“Elana is an expert at creating a sacred space and launching your inner writer. She is bursting with ideas that act as sparks for the writing that is crying to pour out of you, whether you know it or not. Whether you want to work on a specific project, be inspired, vanquish writer’s block, make time and space to honor your writing practice, get back into a writing practice that you think you’ve lost, have fun with your creative self or get serious about your writing, Elana is the conduit that will ignite the creative fire within you. I can’t say enough good things about participating in her workshop, and I plan to work with her again and again.” — Sivan Butler-Rotholz, workshop participant

Interested or have questions? Send an email to to schedule a call to find out if Your Sacred Expression is right for you.

All woman-identified and gender non-binary folks welcome!

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