You Know You're White. Now What?

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You Know You're White. Now What?

You know whiteness is operating in your life. Now what do you do? Improve your skills and consider your way forward.

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About this event

  • 3 hours
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Many of us white folks have read Kendi, gone to a diversity training, hosted a phone bank, or donated to Real Rent Duwamish. We see that systemic racism causes great harm and are committed to doing something about it.

We step up...and then find ourselves stuck, scared, paralyzed, full of shame, anger or guilt. We want to take action, but we don't want to cause more harm. Now what do we do?

This interactive circle workshop focuses on this specific experience--what we call the Now What moment. Through an equity-based process, we'll explore the nature of our struggles in order to take effective action. We'll dig deeper into the subtle ways whiteness influences these Now What moments. We'll gain clarity about ways to increase our personal capacity to bear the pain, grief and humiliation of racial equity work, hone our understanding of how systemic racism functions and acknowledge the ways white dominant culture is at work in and through us. We do this so we can be useful as we find our way into upending systemic racism.

We designed this virtual space for white-identifying people to reflect on our whiteness. This helps us to stay accountable to one another, build community, and alleviate BIPOC from having to support us through our work. We recognize that this group does not include the necessary work of being in communication with and accountable to BIPOC, and so we recommend finding ways to do that work elsewhere. Groups are limited to 12, allowing each participant the time to participate and the luxury of a circle of attentive listeners.

Please contact either james or Martha if you have questions about whether this workshop is right for you.

What You Can Expect

  • An inclusive format that incorporates and reflects concrete anti-racist and racial equity principles
  • Shifting from learning about systemic racism to taking action towards liberation
  • Creative questions and interactive activities designed to stimulate your truth, vulnerability, and humor

What You Might Be Able to Expect

  • To identify some personal steps to dismantle racism in your life
  • Connections with people that may inspire maintaining the conversation after the workshop
  • To experience some strong emotions

What Not to Expect

  • A ready-made checklist of anti-racist actions you can choose from
  • A primer on whiteness (this workshop is designed for people who are somewhat comfortable with the discomfort of being white)
  • The feeling of closure, success or completion


We offer this circle at different rates for different folks. In deciding which level is right for you, please consider your access to wealth in different forms, including but not limited to: whether you own a home, your family’s generational wealth, your citizenship status, and your level of debt.

Redistribution Rate: $90 This rate is for folks who have more than enough resources to meet their basic needs and are able to support the participation of others

True Cost Rate: $70 This rate is the “true cost” of our workshop and allows us to cover expenses related to creating and hosting it

Support and Alumni Rate: $35 This rate is reserved for folks who may struggle to meet basic needs and would be unable to attend this workshop at a higher rate, as well as those who have taken the workshop before.

Martha and james will donate15% of their earnings to Freedom Project, a Seattle area community-centered and culturally-responsive organization aiming to dismantle the institution of mass incarceration and heal its traumatic effects on individuals directly impacted by incarceration, on their loved ones, and on our community.

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james boutin is a fourth-generation white American whose ancestors arrived in the United States from Western Europe during the late nineteenth-century. His professional background is primarily in public education. He has been facilitating conversations about race and society for more than fifteen years and approaches this work informed by nonviolent communication, process-oriented psychology, and critical theory. He loves dance, writing, silence, and big ideas. He also has a deep interest in personal and social change. He is currently studying in a degree program for process-oriented psychology and conflict studies at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon.

Martha Hurwitz is a racial equity coach, consultant and facilitator focusing on racial equity. She is the granddaughter of Eastern European immigrants fleeing anti-Semitism who arrived in the U.S. as Jews became seen as whites. Awakened to how she benefits as a white person while so many others are systematically disadvantaged, Martha made an antiracist/pro-equity shift in her parenting, business concept, day-to-day priorities. She has an M.Ed. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a wide-ranging career centered around alternative education, democracy and liberation. She has co-founded a democratic/non-agist school, taught qigong to people with cancer, managed child welfare improvement efforts, and led Outward Bound courses.

What Past Participants Said

"This workshop is a dose of antiracism that's as easy to swallow as it is deep. Legitimately the fastest 3 hours you'll ever spend, especially on the topic of race."

"I have known that I am white half my life now and have grappled with the 'now what' part for most of that time. I still don't have all the answers but being in circle with others who have spent as much, or more, time grappling with this as well was healing and hopeful."

"The workshop with Martha and James was very beneficial for my anti-racist work. They created a safe environment where I could open up and access deep insights and learning."

"The facilitation was top-notch! The space felt warm and welcoming and invited reflection towards change."

Cancellations and Refunds

The minimum number of participants for these conversations is 3. If 48 hours prior to the workshop there are fewer participants, we will reach out to offer you a refund or slot at an upcoming date.

Up to 48 hours before to a workshop, you can request a refund. Eventbrite fees are nonrefundable. You also can transfer to a different date or workshop.

Within 48 hours of the workshop start time, no refunds are given.