Yoni Worship - A Weekend of Sacred Sensual Healing, NY

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SassClass NYC

41 West 36th Street

3rd Floor

New York, NY 10018

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Yoni Worship

A Weekend of Sacred Sensual Healing

~Presented by Ritual~

Come learn the healing art and ritual of Yoni Massage - a journey into worship of the feminine. Whether you are giving or receiving, Yoni Massage transports you into a sacred space of intimacy and communion with the power of a woman’s life-force energy.

Through this practice you can bring more intention and ritual into your intimate connection, heal old wounds and release trauma, and open to profound dimensions of love, bliss and possibility. This modality vitalizes energy and emotions, calling us to recognize the body as a source of wisdom and healing, and where your sensuality is celebrated as something sacred.


♡ For Singles, Couples, and people of all genders who wish to learn this healing practice

♡ You are excited to apply the tools of Tantric connection to your own life.

♡ You wish to create lasting desire, vulnerable intimacy, and profound love within your relationships.

♡ You are ready to release trauma, shame, and fear and open up to the fullness of your pleasure and radiance!

♡ You sincerely desire to be a source of healing of the feminine.

♡ You’d like to connect with a conscious community of Tantrikas who see the body as a sacred vehicle for spiritual growth.

A Note:

The modality of Sacred Spot can be received by everyone, but the scope of this weekend is solely on Yoni Massage, which is for those who possess a yoni. Our Lingam Massage weekend (Dec 2017) will be for those who possess a lingam, and is an equally powerful initiation and healing opportunity.

For this weekend, we are offering one ticket for Receivers (must have a yoni) and another ticket for Givers (any sex and gender). If you are coming with a partner or friend, please make sure you EACH get your appropriate ticket.


Sacred Spot massage was first developed in the 1980’s by Andro Andreas Rothe in Germany and further developed by Annie Sprinkle, Mantak Chia, and Joseph Kramer, making it a modern addition to Tantra. It incorporates some of the foundational principles of Tantra such as the inherent sacredness of all of life (including the body and sensuality) and the meditative practice of integrating and aligning the energy within the body for greater wholeness and personal growth.

The two outcomes of this practice are Healing and Awakening. We harness the power of our life-force energy to contact and release our traumas, eventually expanding our awareness to the natural state of bliss that exists within our bodies. It’s one of the most powerful modalities we’ve encountered and we truly believe in the transformational potential of this work!


In this 2-day course, you will learn the art of Yoni Massage, witness a live Demo and have a chance to gain hands-on experience.

Saturday will begin with a brief introduction to Tantric principles and a practical discussion of how to offer a yoni massage.

One volunteer will participate in a Yoni Massage Demo with Matt while the group holds a loving and respectful ceremonial container. Witnessing this kind of session is considered an energetic transmission of the teachings, and will empower you to create that same healing space for others. We will debrief and answer any questions that may arise during the demo.

Finally, we will have a Matching Ritual for the singles. On Saturday evening, couples and paired-singles will have the opportunity to practice a Yoni Massage session at home in your own space, only going to the level of comfort for the Receiver. (There are many different levels that the work can operate on, including the Receiver remaining fully clothed, or without touch of any kind.)

Sunday, we will reconvene for a rich discussion and integration circle, harvesting the fruits of the practice, and identifying the steps forward for your individual path of healing and awakening. You’ll have the chance to meet and connect with others who would like to continue practicing these skills, and find out what it would look like for you to pursue this kind of healing as a professional. We will close with a celebratory Puja, a sacred ritual of intimacy and affirmation of oneself.

GIVERS will learn:

♡ How to create a safe, intentional healing space with clear boundaries

♡ How to hold the energy of grounded, loving presence

♡ Non-attachment to outcomes - following the flow of the energy

♡ How to gently guide energy through the chakras

♡ MOST IMPORTANTLY: How to worship the feminine with your whole body, mind and soul!

RECEIVERS will learn:

♡ How to access the innate sensual wisdom of your body

♡ Breath, sound, and movement practices to release stuck energy

♡ How to go at your own pace and ask for what you want

♡ To stay present and feel whatever is ready to be felt

♡ That your “NO” will be honored and respected by the Giver

♡ MOST IMPORTANTLY: How good it feels to fully embody your own radiant love!

Facilitated by Matt Sturm and Leslie Grace

Drawing on a wide range of teachings and our personal experience working with hundreds of clients, we’re excited to share the transformational experience of Sacred Spot Massage. We focus on learning through direct experience, so there’s less lecture and more doing. And while this is a mystical journey, we minimize “woo” and favor a practical, simple approach. We create a strong container where you are safe, resourced, and secure so you can express your full, loving self.

Tantra has been revolutionary in our lives and we are passionate about sharing these teachings. Our dream is to co-create a vibrant tribe of awakened lovers and conscious healers. We hope you’ll join us!

Leslie Grace - www.lesliegracetantra.com
Matt Sturm - awakeningbliss.net

Matt and Leslie

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Date and Time


SassClass NYC

41 West 36th Street

3rd Floor

New York, NY 10018

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