Yolo Geo Rally 2016
Yolo Geo Rally 2016

Yolo Geo Rally 2016

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Date and Time

Yolo County

1332 East Main Street

Woodland, CA

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Come join the fun!

Come for a day of fun in Yolo County, filled with Geocaching and friends. Teams will compete for points, prizes and of course bragging rights. We'll open for registration confirmation at 7:30 on October 1.

At least 24 new geocaches will be released with bonus points for the FTF's.  Caches will include at least 7 different cache types (icons). Additional points will be available for photo and other challenges along the way!  There isn't a set course to follow so you will need to choose which caches and photo challenges to attempt. 

Participants are encouraged to arrive early to have coffee and get ready for orientation at 8:45 am sharp (details below). There will be a discount available at Dutch Brothers. Rally packets and GPSrs will be handed out around 9:10 am allowing the teams just 20 minutes to review the waypoints and choose a course.  Team photos will be taken with the "team flag" prior to the start of the rally. The rally ends at 4:00 pm with the Finish Line at the back entrance to Road Trip Cafe patio in Capay. Points will be tallied and results announced around 5:00 pm.

To help defray the cost of rally printing and prizes, cash donations will be accepted and appreciated.

Spend the night!

The Shadow Inn (Best Western) has set aside a number of rooms under the group name "Yolo Geo Rally". The price is $75.00 per night and you can book for Friday and/or Saturday night. Call the hotel directly and mention the group name to get the special rate.

Yolo Geo Rally (YGR) 2016 Official Rules

This event is intended to be a lot of fun for all.  There isn't an entry fee nor are there any monetary prizes available. While it is a competition and winners will be announced, the day is really about having fun with others and enjoying the caches and photo challenges we have created.


Teams will consist of at least 2 people. Teams may only use 1 standard vehicle. Individuals are welcome and will be paired with others to form a team. We will load only 2 GPS units per team, additional as time permits. GPX files will be emailed to registered users at 9:10 am.

Teams are required to stay together from start to finish. Everyone on the team will receive the same score.

Teams will be issued 1 "flag" that will be required for scoring purposes.


At least 24 new caches will be available. All caches will be permanent and published on geocaching.com after the event. There should be at least 7 types of caches (icons) of various difficulty and terrain combinations listed.

Cache information, coordinates, point values and verification requirements will be listed on the YGR Score Sheet, Waypoint List or in the GPX file. We will be loading GPSrs from 7:30 to 8:30, please bring a cable just in case.

Some caches will have an FTF "chip" and this chip will be accepted for scoring purposes, others will need a photo of the fresh log. TEAM FTF will be acknowledged on the published cache page after the event.

Each cache will list a required method of verification in the form of a code word, question, or photo.

There may be a mystery cache released via email during the day.

Photo Waypoints:

At least 10 photo waypoints will be availble. Picture information, coordinates, point values and verification requirements will be listed on the YGR Score Sheet, Waypoint List or in the GPX file. 

A camera that we can view pictures on is required for photo scoring.


The YGR Score Sheet will list all waypoints and points values. Please be prepared to show your photos at the scorer's table

No points will be awarded for partial compliance. Score sheets will be accepted up until 4:30 pm, however 5 points will be deducted for every minute after 4:00.


To insure that we have enough packets, we are requesting that you register your team at least 1 week prior to the event.

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Date and Time

Yolo County

1332 East Main Street

Woodland, CA

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