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Yoga Now 5 Night Luxury Retreat in Port Douglas with Toni Childs

Michelle Slayter

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 at 10:00 AM - Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 5:00 PM (AEST)

Yoga Now 5 Night Luxury Retreat in Port Douglas with...

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Michelle Slayter presents...

A retreat that will guide you to recognise your own beauty and power

with Emmy Award winner Toni Childs

Cairns / Port Douglas, Nov 8th - 13th 2016

"Your essence is the living spirit of your cosmic 'SELF', what I call, 'Soul Evolved Life Force'" - Toni Childs





❁ An introduction to SELF the Power and Beauty of who you are!! This is what Toni calls Soul Evolved Life Force. This retreat will give you the opportunity to deepen your relationship to this aspect of yourself by experiencing four very powerful and simple mindfulness techniques.

❁ Learning how to TAP and release limiting beliefs as well as personal and ancestral patterns that are holding you prisoner. You'll walk away with a fun one year self care strategy that will give you reward milestones, and a personal once a month support check in.

❁ Experience a global first underwater concert for whales and dolphins, and swim with whales.* You'll learn more about Sea Shepherd's work to protect whales and other marine life and meet Sea Shepherd’s Capt Hammarstedt personally.

❁ A focus on the things that really matter in life; a healthy sensual relationship with all aspects of self, powerful heart connections, and going for peak life experiences!

This is a Co-Hosted 5 day retreat facilitated by influential thought leaders and trainers, Toni Childs, Mik Lavage, Michelle Slayter and Veruschka Normandeau. It is designed to provide you with an environment for lifestyle changes and to create unforgettable life experiences. Taking you from the ordinary to the extraordinary.
What you Get...


This retreat is for Men and Women who are:

❁ Looking to create a more compassionate relationship with themselves;
❁ Wanting to make a change in this world, and share time and space with innovative leaders;
❁ Passionate about the environment, luxurious environments, authenticity, clean living and music;
❁ Into exceptional, playful global first experiences;
❁ Looking to surround yourselves with highly creative, influential people;
❁ Wanting to improve health, vitality and mental attitudes;
❁ Wanting to explore and experience what it means to drive reality like a car;
❁ Ready and open to learn from dynamic individuals who have a mind set for expansive creation and endless possibilities.

Are you feeling like you need a boost this year? Maybe a little flat and need some excitement in your life? Take yourself out of your current roles in life and spend some time working on yourself and your life from the outside looking in. Maybe you are feeling effected by work, family, responsibilities of being an adult in general.

Sometimes all we need is to push the reset button and immerse ourselves in a wold new environment to get the changes that we desire in life. Are you seeking the confidence in yourself to be the true version of yourself, to have full permission from within to express your authentic nature and experience the happiness and freedom that comes with doing so. Take this time out to go inward and work on yourself to enable you to see the beauty that you hold. This retreat will support you in achieving all of this, as well as tap into your inner child and experience some serious fun!



By the end of the retreat you will:

❁ Have an immortalised peak life experience that connects you to what is awesome about living on planet Earth
❁ Receive a 12 month personal self-care strategy to implement when you get home
❁ Get ongoing support with a monthly check-in with Toni for one year to keep you on track
❁ Uncover an exciting version of yourself that was always there - now exposed
❁ Develop and fully express Confidence in yourself
❁ Foster Lifelong friendships
❁ Blast the doors off the hinges to your personal cage of limitation

Imagine...You are at the end of this physical life... What do you have to look back on?

I can tell you now, you won’t be thinking about all the hours you spent at work, in lines, getting groceries or cleaning the house. You will remember times like this where you took a leap of faith and went on a journey, loved, laughed, played, traveled, sang, danced and gave yourself an exceptional experience.


So what are you waiting for? This is it... Join us on this journey of self-discovery at its finest!

SELF - Soul Evolved Life Force is the root of your wellness, the interface of your consciousness, and the porthole from which flows your spiritual guidance. It is essential to understand the voice of your own spirit, how to tune into it, how it communicates to you, and how it can heal physical – mental – spiritual illnesses, and what it requires from you.

"Each of us are a living beauty! We are a beauty that can never be hurt harmed or endangered. We can never be made more beautiful nor can we be made less beautiful because our very essence is beauty itself!"


❁ 5 nights luxury accomodation
❁ Toni's Global first Underwater Concert for Whales and Dolphins, that you get to see from an underwater viewing deck)
❁ Yoga
❁ Yachting day with Toni, Mik, Michelle and Veruschka
❁ Water Meditation and Self Care Techniques & Strategies - includes Making Your own Chakra Body Polishes
❁ Tapping Tipi & Alchemical Photography with Veruschka Normandeau
❁ Cooking Classes with Mik Lavage
❁ All Organic Cuisine
❁ One Spa Treatment of your choice
❁ Gift Bag which includes: Feminine Mysteries natural body care products, and a signed copy of Toni's new CD 'It's All a Beautiful Noise'
...and other goodies!

You have the opportunity to join Emmy Award Winner Toni Childs on these two intimate retreats. In this exclusive Yoga on the Sea and Mindfulness Retreat, Toni will sing her Emmy award winning song 'Because You're Beautiful' and put you in touch with the Beauty of who you are.

The retreats include several very powerful self-care techniques: How to release negative ancestral and personal patterns; and techniques for staying in alignment with the resonant signature of who you are.

Not to mention many glamorous, interactive and adventurous activities with Toni, her husband Mik Lavage and the other facilitators Michelle Slayter and Veruschka Normandeau.

BACK from a self-imposed musical exile, US singer-songwriter Toni Childs has regained her health, found love and is relaunching her career in a new and beautiful light. It's been more than a decade since the singer-songwriter was struck down by a debilitating auto-immune condition, Graves' disease, at the peak of her career.



"I was physically falling apart so I dismantled my life."

Up until that moment, her career built on a spiritually charged voice pumping out rock, blues, folk, gospel and world influences, had been on the rise, prompting The New York Times to declare her "one of the most promising among a new generation of composers and performers".

Best known for her heavily R&B-influenced Don't Walk Away, she opened for Bob Dylan and sung duets with Peter Gabriel and Al Green. Her critically acclaimed debut album, Union, was nominated in 1988 for three Grammy's. Then came the diagnosis of the rare stress disorder.

"I totally let go and I was OK. When I thought about it, nobody knew me just as Toni Childs without what I did career-wise. I had been working all my life following a 16-year-old's ambition. I needed to die and be reborn. Die in a sense of the phoenix rising, right? If we don't do that ourselves, life does it for us."

She went home to the island Kauai, Hawaii "a little dot in the ocean in the middle of nowhere. I was living on my organic farm in a valley with no other houses, living in what I called squrts, square yurts."

She believes her condition was a result of environmental factors as well as stress.

Today she's focused on creating art to bring humanity together through 3d Mapped concerts, Life Sized paper animals and the launch of her new album called It’s all a Beautiful Noise


Which is where you come in!

You have the opportunity to join us to experience all of this and so much more at two exclusive retreats we running for people who are dedicated to fully immersing themselves in all the beauty that they are.

If you would like to be a part of an intimate group of people who are all passionate about living a life full of unbelievable, memorable, life changing experiences, then this is the retreat for you!




The Fabulous People Who Will Be Leading & Sharing This Experience With You:

Michelle Slayter

MICHELLE SLAYTER Michelle is passionate about transforming lives for the better and supporting others to see their true potential within. She has always been the big picture creator type, a visionary and managed to maintain an optimistic view on life throughout her ups and downs. With a background in the fashion industry, owning her own brand and businesses from a young age she developed a strong understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur in this world. She has now stepped into a world of leading transformational workshops, retreats and working with clients one on one to develop and grow conscious businesses. Making business decisions that are best for our planet, people as well as profits.

She owns a retreat center in the Gold Coast, Australia called the Milada Sanctuary, and is building another one in Fiji. Most importantly she is dedicated to raising the level of consciousness of this planet. Collaboration is the key to achieving this. When we all come together we can do so much more. Looking at what unifies us, instead of what separates us. And knowing, that in giving we receive.


Toni Childs


Toni Childs is an internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter, installation artist, environmental activist, and yoga teacher. Her thought-provoking and emotionally honest music and spell-binding voice resonated in deep positive ways in people’s lives across the globe and earned her an Emmy, a number of Grammy nominations, and a fan base that stretches to at least 50 countries. After three ground-breaking and award winning albums Toni’s world was hit sideways after being diagnosed with Graves Disease in 1997. She retreated to Kauai, Hawaii and began a process of deep inquiry, inner work and mindfulness which brought her back to vibrant health and with many gifts to share.

In 2003 she was convinced to “get off the rock” of Kauai and return to music when Eve Ensler, author of the 'Vagina Monologues', asked her to write an anthem that would inspire people to end violence against women and girls for her documentary, 'Until the Violence Stops'. The resulting song 'Because You’re Beautiful' went on to win an Emmy in 2004.

"This song has turned out to be such an incredibly powerful song. Everywhere I sing this song it touches both women and men in a way that is deep and profound," Childs says. "The song touches a powerfully vulnerable place in people. So much so, I felt that I needed to bring the song into a safer space like a yoga studio environment where people could feel more comfortable letting themselves be vulnerable and connect to their power, their worthiness and grace."

Toni is currently in the UK sharing the gifts she learned on Kauai on her 'Because You're Beautiful Tour' which is connecting with like-minded yoga communities around the world. Toni will travel to 20 countries and over 70 cities in 2016.


Toni & Mik

MIK LAVAGE Mik Lavage is a composer, producer, performer and AFI nominated sound designer who has worked in shows, productions & films all over the world, including Opera, Dance, Acrobatic Hip Hop, Circus to name but a few. Starting life in the tiny town of Cootamundra, Mik's world was soon spun on its head when his parents were posted to Pulau Penang off the western coast of peninsula Malaysia. Spending much of his formative years in the fascinating sea of flavours, sounds, ritual and cultural diversity left an indelible mark on him.

His explorations in both food and sound have always been irreverent of traditions and cultural expectations as Mik loves to blend in elements from all aspects of his global arsenal of tastes he has picked up through his extensive travels with a real focus on a deep and healthy experience. In the gastronomical environment this is a strong focus on simple yet flavourful food that is light and yet beaming with life. On Toni & Mik’s current world tour he is cooking for people of many different walks of life and they are craving for him to come back, not just for his musical abilities… but also for his amazing salads & marinades.


Veruschka Normandeau

VERUSCHKA NORMANDEAU I searched high and low to alleviate my feelings of unworthiness and abandonment after having experienced much loss before the age of six. Those experiences, combined with 25 years of psychodrama training, hypnotherapy, energy work, Chinese energetics, reiki II, ecstatic dance, yoga and meditation have allowed me to have empathetic insight into the psychology of human nature. With the use of Emotional Freedom Technique I have helped heal trauma of all kinds: birth, shock, physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and spiritual abuse, PTSD, loss, grief and anxiety. Even lighter things, such as skin conditions, caffeine addiction, public speaking and stage fright I have facilitated clearing with this magical tool. It is virtually unlimited what you can tap on.

"What continues to motivate and inspire me is the possibility of transformation through empowerment, self-expression, communion and celebration, allowing for a truly magical life."




Where Will You Be Staying?

Like all of Michelle’s retreats, you will experience beautiful surroundings and luxury accommodation. The rooms are twin share and have all you need in a modern property to experience wellness and comfort. We will have a common meeting area for all activities and gatherings.

Just take a look at the images below of this tranquil elite property. You could soon be sipping a green juice by the pool or soaking in the bath after a day out on the lagoon doing yoga and swimming with the fishes.

Niramaya Villas & Spa

Underwater Concert to Whales and Dolphins

You will be a part of a world first! Toni will be launching her new album “It’s All a Beautiful Noise” during our retreat. One of the days we will be taking an adventure out to a lagoon pontoon where you will experience loads of different activities.

From Helicopter scenic flights to snorkeling, Yoga and Meditation on the sea, plus all your meals and most importantly be witness to the first underwater concert for Whales and Dolphins, performed by Toni that you will be able to view from the glass bottom auditorium.

Toni will perform under the water with an amazing dry helmet that includes technology which enables us to hear her from the pontoon. What an awesome and magical event to be witness to.

We will share this experience with 300 people and then you will have the pontoon all to ourselves for the night, with only the intimacy of the retreat group along with Toni, Mik, Michelle and Varushka.

We will sleep under the stars in luxury swags and really take in the natural beauty that is with in us, and all around us.

This truly will be a memorable life experience.

Toni Childs in the ocean

A Message From Toni...

The vision for both of these concerts stems from a beautiful experience I had some twenty-five years ago when I saw a marine biologist play a waterproofed synthesizer underwater. The dolphins were extremely curious and seemed to move around the marine biologist to the music. Since then I've wanted to give a concert to whales and dolphins.

My hope and big dream is to sing to the white whale Migaloo that traverses the eastern coast of Australia up to Hervey Bay. How cool would that be? The songs I will be singing to Migaloo are the same songs I'm singing on my yoga tour of the world.

Pete West and his team at NUMA and Bio Quest have jumped on board to film a special 360 underwater concert. We'll be using technology developed by NUMA so my voice will be heard clearly without oxygen hissing. And his underwater film crew are prepared to capture our special event.

These concerts will shine a light on what Sea Shepard are doing to protect whales, and Greening Australia are doing to restore eroded gullies and stop the sediment that is killing the Great Barrier Reef.

Cairns / Port Douglas, Nov 8th - 13th 2016

Ensure you secure a booking now. Numbers are limited to 15 people per retreat.

Got questions? Call us on: +61 404369660




Here Is What People Are Saying



“A wonderful retreat to rediscover yourself and all aspects of what being a woman is. I loved connecting with women on this course and would recommend it to any woman who doesn’t spend much time for herself.” - Ming Chan | Fortuna Group
Sam Higgins

“Thanks Michelle for the most amazing week! So much fun, growth, beauty, adventure and connection with such incredible women. I can’t wait for the next one.” - Sam Higgins | LaunchPad Event Solutions


❁ Click on which retreat location you would like to register for or book a call and we will support you with the registration process and any questions you have.
❁ Enter your personal details.
❁ Click submit, and you are on your way. That is it, so simple to take you from ordinary to extraordinary.
You will receive a welcome letter with all the information you require to book your flights and to prepare for this life changing experience.

Cairns / Port Douglas, Nov 8th - 13th 2016

Ensure you secure a booking now. Numbers are limited to 15 people per retreat.

Got questions? Call us on: +61 404369660

Bring a friend, get $500 OFF!

Retreat Ticket

Twin Share accommodation Includes everything specified above in inclusions

Only $3,997

Retreat Ticket

Includes everything specified above in inclusions PLUS private accommodation Helicopter trip and one on one coaching session

Only $4,997






Have questions about Yoga Now 5 Night Luxury Retreat in Port Douglas with Toni Childs? Contact Michelle Slayter

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When & Where

Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia


Tuesday, November 8, 2016 at 10:00 AM - Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 5:00 PM (AEST)

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Michelle Slayter

In my years as a Fashion Designer, Lifestyle Designer and Coach, Advocate for Organic Living and as a successful woman entrepreneur, I have dedicated myself to studying the secrets of a good life. The amazing results I have evidenced in my own shifts into prosperity and fulfilment, I love to share with others. I want everyone to express the beauty and potential held within themselves and feel the depths of their own amazingness. This is what all my events are about at the core. 

Be and live your full potential.


Michelle Slayter


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Yoga Now 5 Night Luxury Retreat in Port Douglas with Toni Childs
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