Yoga, Art and Nature Retreat @ Azula 7th until 11th August 2019

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Join Eduardo Terzidis and I for this innovative immersion in the practices of yoga, creativity and nature connection.

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Yoga traditionally means to combine and unite. By connecting with our bodies and breaths we can go deeper in the knowledge of ourselves and learn how to live a more authentic and in tune life. Yoga and meditation help us clear the blockages in our own bodies and minds allowing creativity to flow. Art then becomes the natural expression of our inner voice. Through movement, drawing, poetry, clay making, we can give voice to all the stories that inhabit us, that so often we keep hidden inside.

Within this 5 day immersion we will set the river of creativity in motion and we will use nature as our wider container. As a matter of fact, we both deeply believe that part of our sense of disconnection originates in our sense of separation from the natural world. By reawakening our sense of wonder for the natural world, we can kindle our sense of wonder for our own lives. By using nature as a partner and teacher we can find new resources in ourselves.


- 4-night Accommodation, private or shared room

- Transfer from Sao Luis to the farm-

- Morning and evening yoga and meditation- All levels welcome !

- Daily Art based and nature connection activities including movement, drawing, clay, solo time in nature and writing

- Three delicious vegetarian meals and snacks coming from our land

- Free time to go on the beach or to spend on the land

- Evening activities around the fire, singing, jamming, dancing

- Friendship and community building

- Time to reflect and connect to yourself

- Possible walks around the area

*** ABOUT Azula

The retreat will be hosted on the beautiful land of Azula. Azula is a permaculture project and the home of two families that share the same vision around sustainability and life. They offer different courses around the year mainly in permaculture and natural building.


- Shared Earth House Dormitory (5 people) EARLY BIRD (by 15th of March) 400 euros

- Lotus Tents shared (2 or 3 people) EARLY BIRD (by 15th of March) 440 euros

- Private Bell Tent EARLY BIRD by 15th of March) 520 euros

- Shared Earth House Dormitory REGULAR (after 15th of March) 500 euros

- Lotus Tents shared REGULAR (after 15th of March) 540 euros

- Private Bell Tent REGULAR (after 15th of March) 620 euros

This price includes all your meals, transportation to and from the farm to Sao Luis (picking up on 7th of August and dropping off on 11th of August) and all course tuition and materials (if you have your own yoga mat you are welcome to bring it)


We ask all registrants to make a deposit of €100 (plus transaction fee) to secure your spot and the remaining fees be paid on arrival. If you wish to secure your spot please send us an email at emy.cianci@gmail.com or eduardo.terzidis@gmail.com and we will guide you through the paying process.

Please aim to arrive at Azula no later than 12:30 on the 7th for an introductory tour and delicious lunch.


EMILIA CIANCI is yoga and meditation teacher, a poet, mover and deep nature lover, She is originally from Rome, Italy but has now been living around the world for the last years. She has been studying and practicing yoga and meditation for the last 10 years. She earned certificates in yoga, studying in particular with Angela Farmer on the island of Lesvos, and has undergone several meditation intensives with her teachers. Her interest has always been in learning ways to bridge our inner and outer landscapes. She has earned a B.A in Philosophy but since then has gone on numerous learning journeys that have fed her own growth and curiosity. She has spent time with indigenous people, learning from their deep knowledge of nature, has earned certificates in movement and dance and is now undergoing a masters in Expressive Arts Therapy. Within her artistic research she includes mainly poetry, movement, story telling and clay, interweaving these practices and letting one inform the other. She truly believes that the more we open ourselves to our "natural way of being", the more we will live a joyful, meaningful and compassionate life.

EDUARDO TERZIDIS is a yogi, surfer and permaculture designer. He is Italian-Brazilian, born in Rome and has been living around the world during the last years. He has graduated as a Mechanical Engineer and soon realized that the 9 to 5 , suit and tie, life was not for him. Since then, he has hit the road on a journey to discover himself and to break the patterns of modern society. This journey led him to Yoga, which he has started practicing with Nick Larsen. He sees Yoga as way to connect to our true selves and after years of personal study, Eduardo started teaching yoga in Italy, Australia and Austria. His work focuses on shifting modern patterns towards more sustainable and creative ones in order to build a more eco-logical future for our own selves and the environment around us. He has a long relationship with art being a graffiti artist, percussionist lover and now cultivating his love for crafts. He is as a matter of fact, a lover of wood and works with it mainly in creating ecological surfboards, yet loves and work that combines his hands and the creation of beautiful and practical objects.

FOR MORE INFO please don't hesitate to contact us at emy.cianci@gmail.com or eduardo.terzidis@gmail.com

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