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Xiaofu Zhou in Concert with Yuan Ping - Debut of an Extraordinary New Duo i...

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First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia

2125 Chestnut St

Philadelphia, PA 19103

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Schubert Violin Sonata in A Minor, D. 385
Dvorak Four Romantic Pieces, Op. 75
Brahms Violin Sonata No. 1, Op. 78

Kreisler Schön Rosmarin

A cultural event of rare interest and excellence that truly is not to be missed. Messrs. Xiaofu Zhou on violin and Yuan Ping on piano in this US tour will mark the debut of this extraordinary new duo. These are mature artists of exceptional musical sensitivity with wide and immediate audience appeal.

Xiao-Fu Zhou, a Curtis trained violinist and violist, once acclaimed by New York Times as "a master of his instrument and a poet". Listening to Xiaofu Zhou playing, wrote one eminent critic in the Strad Magazine, “reminded me of the thrill I experienced 40 years ago when David Oistrakh played this sonata at his first Carnegie Hall recital.”


Xiaofu Zhou, violin

In the years following his highly acclaimed New York City debut in Carnegie Recital Hall in 1995, Xiaofu Zhou has been giving concerts as both violinist and violist over a span of over two decades, from solo recitals, to chamber music, and to concertos. His playing is superbly distinct and impressive, characterized by masterful artistry, exquisite tone, great warmth, structural integrity, and a deep understanding of each musical composition in accordance with its form, style, and individual character.

Xiaofu Zhou is a graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music where he studied with Jascha Brodsky and Arnold Steinhardt. Graduate studies were with Dorothy DeLay at The Juilliard School. He began violin lessons at four; at sixteen he was one of eight students chosen from six-hundred for scholarship at The Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing.

As a renowned violinist, violist, chamber and orchestral player, Xiaofu Zhou has been active both nationally and internationally. He has performed as soloist with orchestras, notably The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia in nine performances which include double violin concertos, violin and viola concertos with Arnold Steinhardt. He performed for twenty years with the distinguished pianist Dr. Samuel Hsu in hundreds of highly acclaimed recitals throughout the world. He has made solo appearances in distinguished venues such as Avery Fisher Hall and Carnegie Hall, as well as Kimmel Center and the Academy of Music. He was a guest soloist with the Concerto Soloists Chamber Orchestra, and the Mozart-on-the-Square Series presented Mr. Zhou as a major recitalist. In 1990, he and Cho-Liang Lin were invited to perform at Avery Fisher Hall. In October 1994, Mr. Zhou and Dr. Hsu were invited to present a recital at the Union League of Philadelphia in honor of Maestro Wolfgang Sawallisch's first anniversary as conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra and in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Philadelphia Orchestra. In 2007 Journey to Shanghai concert tours, Xiao-Fu Zhou has given a sold-out recital at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia and at the Shanghai Conservatory.

His New York City debut at Carnegie Recital Hall in October, 1995, was highly praised by eminent critics in The New York Times and The Strad magazine:

“This is a master of his instrument and a poet. In Beethoven, Zhou unveils a preternaturally rich, warm tone and instinctive musical understanding. In his Brahms a steely cutting tone counterbalanced his beguiling rhapsodic manner… Most of all, one remembers the simple unmannered beauty of the playing.”

--The New York Times, October 18, 1995

“Shanghai-born violinist and violist Xiaofu Zhou gave an impressive debut. …The ‘wind-over-the-grave’ passages in the first and last movements [of the Prokofiev Sonata in F minor Op.80], in this eloquent performance, reminded me of the thrill I experienced 40 years ago when David Oistrakh played this sonata at his first Carnegie Hall recital.”

--The Strad, 1995

Xiaofu Zhou is also an outstanding violist and commands great respect and admiration from music critics. In 2001 at Merkin Hall, New York, a recital by Zhou and his piano partner Hsu won critical acclaim:

“…He played a strikingly well-sounding viola made in Philadelphia by Xiao-Wei Zhou in 1998; large, warm and flexible in tone…Zhou was always expressive; his caressing tone made the sonata’s elegiac, valedictory passages unusually absorbing.”

--The Strad, December, 2001

“Zhou has a big and brilliant tone that he uses warmly and with color; In the Brahms, the duo often blended admirably…. The violinist's solo Paganini Caprice No. 24 - the famous one Rachmaninoff rhapsodized over - was filled with zest and vivid detail. His harmonics whistled precisely in tune, the slides were gleeful.”

--The Philadelphia Inquirer, December 14, 1987

“…[In] the Vivaldi Violin Concerto in A. Soloist Xiao Fu Zhou took matters into his own hands, energizing the tempos and pouring intensity into the reading. The work includes cuckoo calls, but the composer had big game in mind. Zhou led the chase, including a cadenza that brought several melodic lines into a showy conflation, a slow movement that moved gracefully and a lively working out in the finale, all of which brought the audience to its feet.”

--The Philadelphia Inquirer, October 23, 1996

Xiaofu Zhou balances an active performance schedule with a deep dedication to music education. He taught at Temple University, gives Master Classes at other colleges in Philadelphia area, such as School of Music and Performing Arts of Cairn University. He also serves as artistic director and conductor of the Ambler Youth Chamber Orchestra. Above all, he passionately spreads his knowledge of artistry through his private studio, sending many of his students to noteworthy schools such as The Curtis Institute of Music and The Julliard School.

Live Recordings






Recordings of Xiaofu Zhou with Arnold Steinhardt and The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia

Yuan Ping, piano

Pianist Yuan Ping attended the Primary Music School affiliated to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and graduated from the Conservatory with honors in 1998. In 2001, he pursued further education at Tokyo University of the Arts in Japan where he studied with Hitoshi Kobayashi, a jury member of the International Chopin Piano Competition, and also took his master's degree. Other teachers he studied with included Professor Jeno Jando, former President of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Hungary, and his successor, Professor Sandor Falvai.

Yuan Ping is a prize winner in numerous international piano competitions, and he often cooperates with leading orchestras and conductors in China and abroad. He has also played accompaniment for different renowned soloists, winning favorable recognition from the musicians he worked with. Yuan Ping has a good command of both English and Japanese, and is also well versed in literature. His performance is known for its burning passion and strong personality, showing an exceptional mastery of timber, dynamics, and tempo. He has been praised by the critics as a pianist that can "tackle the most demanding technical challenges”, and "indisputably a master pianist of a new generation”.

At the invitation of the prestigious composer, professor Chen Gang who arranged the piano concerto “The Butterfly Lovers”, he recorded the piano concerto “The Butterfly Lovers" CD, which was published by Shanghai Video Company. He also recorded piano playing demonstration Czerny Piano Etude 740 CD albums, published by the Jiangsu Audio-Visual Publishing House. He used to cooperate with Shanghai Philharmonic Choir and recorded “A Night At Moscow Suburb” CD recording, Published by China Record Shanghai Corporation.


《纽约时报》称誉:“他是小提琴演奏的大师,他是音乐的诗人。” 享有此盛誉的小提琴和中提琴演奏家周晓甫自1995年10月在纽约卡内基音乐首演获得高度评价以来,曾九次与费城室内乐团合作演出音乐会,同时与著名的Arnold Steinhardt同台演出双小提琴协奏曲,小提琴与中提琴协奏曲。1990年亦曾应邀与林昭亮在Avery Fisher Hall同场演出。他在费城Kimmel Center、 纽约Merkin Hall和上海音乐学院贺潞汀音乐厅等场所演出了几百场独奏音乐会。周晓甫的曲目广博,涵盖各个主要时期古典作家的重要作品。周晓甫的演奏有着鲜明的个性,其令人难忘的印象源于他卓越的艺术底蕴、高超的演奏技巧、精致的音色、浓郁的温情、细腻而严谨的结构,以及对作品形式、风格和个性的深刻理解与准确诠释。

周晓甫出生于音乐世家,四岁开始和父亲学琴,随后受教于叔父—上海音乐学院周尊贤教授。16岁考入中央音乐学院附中,1987年毕业于柯蒂斯音乐学院(Curtis Institute)。先后师从柯蒂斯音乐学院的Arnold Steinhardt及Jascha Brodsky教授和朱丽亚音乐学院(Julliard School)的多萝塞·迪蕾 (Dorothy Delay)教授,通过他们,周晓甫接触到了法国、比利时、俄罗斯与德奥小提琴演奏学派,奠定了深入领会西方古典音乐艺术的优越起点。










“说到维瓦尔第A大调小提琴协奏曲,独奏者周晓甫是演奏的真正主导, 他为乐句的节奏与行进注入了强度和张力。这件作品中有着杜鹃的鸣叫,但作曲家安排了更大的戏剧性。周的华彩乐段将各个旋律线引入炫丽的交融,那优雅的慢乐章和生动活泼的终曲令全场掌声雷动,观众纷纷起立致敬。”


周晓甫更是出色的中提琴演奏家,曾得到许多充满敬意的钦佩和赞许。著名大提琴家柯蒂斯音乐学院的荣誉教授奥兰多·科尔(Orlando Cole)在听了周晓甫的演出录音之后,曾专程赶到音乐厅聆听周晓甫的现场演奏并深受震撼。2001年,他在纽约梅尔金大厅的中提琴首演得到《斯特拉地》杂志重要乐评家的好评:


(<<斯特拉地>>月刊, 2001年)

周晓甫是深受喜爱的小提琴教育家,其影响力尤为显赫。学生们不仅遍布常青藤大学,还培养了多名专业学生先后考入Curtis Institute 和 Julliard School。 他曾在宾夕法尼亚州的多所大学任教,同时编写小提琴、中提琴和室内乐教学课程。还担任周围青年交响乐团的指挥和艺术总监。周晓甫引导学生去领会演奏是对音乐的再创造, 避开商业技巧流行趋势之扰,悉心领悟作品之艺术精华,潜心推敲弓法及揉弦技巧为准确地在细节上解读原创的情绪与演奏技巧要求,并刻意追求对作品的内在艺术性的展现。



青年钢琴家平原,1997年以钢琴专业最佳成绩从上海音乐学院毕业,2001年考入日本东京艺术大学钢琴演奏专业研究生, 师从世界著名钢琴大师小林仁教授(肖邦国际钢琴比赛评委), 匈牙利费伦茨-李斯特音乐学院前院长、著名国际钢琴大师简·扬多教授和现院长、著名国际钢琴演奏家山道尔教授,获艺术家称号。



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Date and Time


First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia

2125 Chestnut St

Philadelphia, PA 19103

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