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WSQ Diploma in Tourism (Event Management and Operations)

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WSQ Event Management Courses

WSQ Module 1.Events Planning and Management

At the end of this module, participants are expected to be able to develop, manage and execute event plans according to agreed timelines and budgetary requirements. As well as manage implementation of integrated plans for multiple events to ensure cohesive planning.

Course Content:

• Develop event plans for relationship building, celebration, fund-raising, media and other public relations objectives

• Manage events according to agreed timelines as well as budgetary requirements

• Outline the details and mechanics of events

• Manage the coordination of event logistics and setup such as event schedules and venue layout and dressing

• Establish performance metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of events planning and management

• Keep up-to-date market trends, consumer events schedules and venue preferences

• Assess and respond to the need for adjustments to event plans

Sponsorship Management

Identify sponsorship requirements and organise activities according to sponsorship and financial parameters. Facilitate acquisition of sponsorship opportunities and timely execution of sponsorship agreements.

Course Content:

• Sponsorship management strategies

• Potential sponsorship opportunities and sources of finance

• Protocols for sponsor contact

• Strategies for sponsorship programmes

• Techniques for sponsorship proposal development

• Legal and ethical requirements of sponsorship

• Techniques to measure and evaluate impact of sponsorships

3. Delegates and Participants Management

Manage policies and procedures for the management, registration and engagement of participants, including participants’ travel management. Develop procedures to manage participants.

Course Content:

• Develop organisational procedures for participant’s travel schedule

• Develop contingency plans for travel risks

• Facilitate acquisition of optimal agreements with vendors and suppliers

• Develop communications strategies for distribution of travel information

• Review travel arrangements based on feedback from participants

• Review proposed recommendations for future travel

• Develop registration procedures

• Develop contingency plans to manage high volume of registrations

• Develop registration area safety and access procedures

• Review registration processes based on feedback from participants

4. Vendor Management

Manage vendor relationships by ensuring performance as per contracts, operations within standards established by the organisation such as adherence to safety, security, compliance standards. Develop and sustain vendor relationships and manage vendor performance.

Course Content:

• Sustain smooth interactions and relationships with vendors

• Determine and set clear parameters and expectations of vendors’ roles and responsibilities

• Negotiate with vendors to align interests and/or goals and arrive at mutually-beneficial arrangements

• Analyse vendor service delivery and performance levels in line with key performance indicators, and provide performance feedback

• Resolve complaints and quality or service issues with vendors

• Evaluate the impact of contractual issues and problems on the organisation, and determine if a major contractual breach has occurred

• Manage vendors’ performance against standards and benchmarks

5. Crowd Control and Planning

Manage crowd control within defined boundaries including crowd control planning and risk mitigation strategies. Develop plans and procedures for effective crowd control.

Course Content:

• Develop estimates for expected crowd turnout for events

• Review safety and security requirements for events and venues

• Develop crowd control plans and procedures

• Develop traffic control plans and procedures

• Develop vehicle incidents and accidents response plans and procedures

• Develop emergency crowd control plans and procedures

• Facilitate conduct of emergency drills

• Execute crisis management plans

6. Accident and Incident Response Management

Deploy tools, procedures and resources to respond to accidents and incidents efficiently. Oversee the management of accidents and incidents, from planning to command and control in emergency response centres.

Course Content:

• Establish control zones and/or emergency response centre to manage incidents and accidents

• Act as incident commander by applying relevant strategies of emergency operations

• Develop tactical plans to maintain control of emergency and incident sites

• Evaluate on-site accident and incident response capabilities

• Develop processes to coordinate accident and incident response plans with relevant

• Review incident summary reports to identify areas of improvement

• Conduct training and coaching to employees on incident management procedures

• Conduct regular exercises and reviews to maintain incident preparedness and responsiveness

7. Strategies for Winning and Retaining Customers

To sustain a profitable business does not only include finding new customers, but also by nurturing existing customers. Learn the ropes on how to win and retain customers from our professional trainers. Successful customer retention is about exceeding the customer expectations so that they become loyal advocates for your brand.

Course Content:

• Customer Acquistion and Retention

o Understanding customer’s behaviour and segmentation for effective targeting

o Review and improve on existing marketing platform

• Strategies for Building & Maintaing Customer Relationship

o Implement marketing & sales practices to capture customer lifetime value

o Interpersonal and communication skills for interaction with customers

• Management Skills for Programmes and Budget

o Understand the return of investment needed to sustain customer acquisition and retention programmes

o Evaluate the effectiveness of the programmes and customer response

8. Optional Module:

Ace Your Social Media Marketing Skills!

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111 North Bridge Rd

111 North Bridge Road

#05-41, Peninsula Plaza

Singapore, Singapore 179098


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