WOUNDED HEALERS: Christ-Centered Healing & Hope After Child Sexual Abuse

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Savior Pastoral Center

12601 Parallel Parkway

Kansas, Kansas 66109

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This Day of Reflection explores the spiritual wounds that child sexual abuse causes in our Church and in our world. Our speaker draws on inspiration from Scripture and Catholicism to help you imagine your own unique response in a trauma-informed Christian witness and ministry.


Welcome & Opening

A welcome, and some housekeeping details for attendance.

Musical Interlude (five minutes)

Session 1: Storytelling

Storytelling is fundamental to Christian witness and evangelization. Survivors and family members, indeed all who have been harmed by abuse, have a faith story to share. Listening to a faith story requires trauma-informed knowledge and gentle guidelines to foster a relationship capable of fostering a spiritual breakthrough.

Session 2: Words

Faith and faith stories rely on words. Abuse relies on lies. Survivors of abuse exhibit a reasonable distrust of all words as possible lies. How can spiritual healing proceed? Introducing the perfect and incorruptible Word in Christian witness and in faith stories creates a powerful foundation on which to build, bit by bit, trust.

Lunch Break

Quick Tips

A run through of do’s and don’ts for a trauma-informed Christian witness to survivors and their families

Musical Interlude (five minutes)

Session 3: Wounded Healers

A brief summation reminds us of the wisdom Henri Nouwen imparted regarding the call to be wounded healers. This is true for survivors, family members and all others harmed by the wounds of abuse.

Closing Prayer

Leavetaking & Departures


3:15 to 3:45

Attendees are welcome to stay and participate in a planning a discussion group or other ongoing exchanges.

4:00 PM

I'll be attending Mass and welcome participants to join me.


Who should attend?

Invited guests include survivors, family members of survivors, priests, sisters, deacons and other Catholic ministers, as well as therapists and any support persons.

How can so diverse an audience get anything out of this presentation?

The same concepts involved in a trauma-informed ministry respond to each person's unique interests and needs. This is not, however, a retreat aimed solely at survivors but also at those in your community who seek to support survivors--and their families.

Will survivors be comfortable?

Many options that have proven to make survivors comfortable in others settings are offered on this day. No details about abuse will be discussed at this presentation. A peaceful room will be available as a separate space for anyone unexpectedly rattled during the presentation. A therapist will be available for private support outside the presentation room if needed. Survivors will not be asked to identify themselves at any point. I am available prior to the Day of Reflection to talk about what to expect.

Will I have a chance to offer feedback?

Feedback is welcomed by the Archdiocese as well as by me. A survey will be sent out via email after the Day of Reflection for you to share your thoughts either anonymously or under your own name.

Will I have to talk, or can I just listen?

You are welcome to do what makes you comfortable. A Day of Reflection such as this is usually experienced as peaceful and imaginative, with a mix of presentation and social discussions. Attendees are seated at tables where they have time to discuss topics raised. A speaker for each table may be invited to share discussion points with the larger group.

Have a Question Not Answered Here?

If this summary does not cover your concerns, please contact me here. I'll answer your question and post it here, as well, to benefit other attendees.

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Date and Time


Savior Pastoral Center

12601 Parallel Parkway

Kansas, Kansas 66109

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