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A global development sprint for technologists to connect with law and policy professionals to build legally sustainable technologies.

About this Event

The World Legal Summit (WLS) is a two part initiative designed to first understand and formulate global insights (part one), then to facilitate a world wide informed development sprint (part two). Both parts are happening in dozens of cities across the globe simultaneously in their respective time zones.

Learn more about the World Legal Summit here: World Legal Summit Website

This is the event page for Part Two of the World Legal Summit in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Join us in Brazil for a three day development sprint. You will work collaboratively with other participants and an advisory committee. You will learn more about how the law is changing to enable the adoption of emerging technologies, and will be in an environment where you can work on developing your technologies to include these legal insights.

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Development Categories

The WLS is focused on three main categories in 2019:

  • Identity and Personal Governance
  • Autonomous Machines
  • Cyber Security and Personal Data

Who Should Attend and Why?

Organizations that currently have technologies, that they would like to get legal insights on how to develop in a more sustainable way.

  • Technology corporations and startups
  • Legal and policy professionals that work in technology
  • Government teams developing technologies
  • Innovation hubs and their project teams
  • Technologists and programmers

What will happen?

Organizations that are working in one or more of the categories will have their teams participate in this event to learn about the legal and regulatory structures dealing with these concepts world wide.

They would then have the opportunity to work on their technologies in a hands on environment. They will work collaboratively with the advisory committee to translate legal insights into the actual development and improvements of their technology.

The Result? Global Impact Award

Participating organizations will gain the following:

  • Education and insights about legislation/regulations that effect their projects world wide
  • Further development of their technology to account for these insights, e.g. better compliancy with data privacy protection
  • Opportunity to qualify for the global segment where projects will be submitted for review for their chance to qualify for the Global Impact Award (projects will be selected on how well they translate the legal concepts into the actual development of their technology)

Teams that move onto the global rounds will have opportunity to be selected as finalists for the "Global Impact Award", and the chance to qualify for pro bono global legal services with our partners Lex Mundi.

**While individuals and new teams may come out to the event to learn and participate, it is only teams and projects that were developed before the event that will qualify for the global rounds. **

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