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Workshops 9 and 10: Fundraising Strategy and Financing Vehicles For Early-S...

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The Startup Station is a comprehensive resource for modeling and valuing early-stage ventures. Our LIVE Interactive Workshops complement our online educational program. Now, in addition to having a pre-recorded instructional, founders will have the opportunity to receive LIVE feedback in an INTERACTIVE environment.

Watch our video about The Startup Station: https://youtu.be/4p83jGfAzu8.
Watch our video about The Startup Station's educational program: https://youtu.be/J7VDzhmIBw0.

99% of startup founders are afraid of the terms Pro-forma Financials, Balance Sheet, Types of Cash Flow, WACC, IRR, and especially, Valuation.

99.9% of startup founders don’t understand how to logically estimate demand for their pre-revenue ventures.

The Startup Station has helped hundreds of founders just like you to learn the language of business and finance so that you can effectively communicate with investors. This skill will help to make your venture financially successful. We equip you and your business plan with a defensible financial model that credibly values your company and serves as a management tool to correctly adjust your strategy based on market feedback.

We have experts with both Computer Science and MBA degrees. Therefore, we speak both the technical and business languages to help you bridge the gap.

Want to hear what other startup founders who took our courses are saying? Read our testimonials at https://thestartupstation.com/p/testimonials.


  • How to look for investors;

  • Which legal documents are required for an equity raise;

The structure of an equity investment:

  • Anti-dilution clauses

  • Preferred stock

  • Warrants

  • Other clauses

The structure of a SAFE investment:

  • How does it work?

  • Conversion triggers: acquisition and the next round of financing; and

  • Methods to determine an equity stake upon conversion: valuation cap and discount rate.

The structure of a Convertible Debt investment:

  • Similarities to and differences from a SAFE investment;


  • Control and information rights;

  • How to evaluate accelerators; and

  • Pros and cons of equity, SAFE and convertible debt.


Our ten-week workshop curriculum covers the same material as the five online recorded courses. We teach the subjects of financial accounting, financial modeling, valuation, and startup financing.

After completing our curriculum, you will learn how to:

  • Formulate credible assumptions for your business model,

  • Build pro-forma financial projections for your business,

  • Value your startup,

  • Select your financing vehicle and negotiate your term sheet, and

  • Understand the basics of financial accounting and analysis.

We have also expanded our offering for the online recorded courses. Each course includes:

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to 2 hours of easy-to-understand MBA-level finance lectures;

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to 120+ practice questions;

  • AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD: All PowerPoint and Excel materials;

  • AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD FOR COURSE # 4: A comprehensive, complete, and functional financial model template for a fictional software startup with subscription and advertising revenue streams;

  • THREE-MONTH ACCESS to corresponding live workshops; and

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to a private Facebook group where you can interact with Victoria Yampolsky and other students.

We offer discounts if you buy THREE OR MORE workshops or TWO OR MORE online recorded courses.

BONUS: You will receive a coupon code for the amount spent on the workshops to redeem toward corresponding recorded online courses to get LIFETIME ACCESS to videos, Q&A, and all PowerPoint and Excel materials.

You can purchase the materials for additional $25.

Don’t want to wait? Check out our online courses at https://thestartupstation.com/courses and start learning today!

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