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Workshop: The Etheric Healing Series - Pet And Adult Entity/Interference Re...

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4pm New York / 9pm London / 8am Sydney (9th)

The Etheric Healing Series

PREREQUISITE: For this Workshop each participant MUST have already completed an Etheric Implant Removal session with Lynn. To book a session, please contact her via the links on her Mentor Page.

Interactive Online Workshops To Learn How To Lean How To Translate Our Etheric Implant Removal Skills Into Healing People, Pets And Our Planet

Lynn Williams will begin this interactive workshop with a quick review of techniques previously taught in her Etheric Implant Removal sessions. This will be an interactive session, so questions for any needed clarification are welcomed. Next we will proceed into discussing and practicing techniques to clear these entities from the areas mentioned above. Lynn will take you through the steps so that you can practice these techniques on your own. Finally, we will leave time for follow-up questions regarding the techniques just learned. Feel free to have your pet with you as you practice these techniques in the class.


... are Advanced Workshops designed to take the skills participants have learned in their previous Etheric Entity Removal session with Lynn to the next level of application.

PREREQUISITE: For this Workshop each participant MUST have already completed an Etheric Implant Removal session with Lynn. To book a session, please contact her via the links on her Mentor Page.

Having worked with over 1100 heavily etherically-implanted individuals and having taught over 165 people how to keep themselves etherically implant and entity free, Lynn is now ready to share with you what she has learned in these powerful healing workshops. These techniques will help you take command of and positively affect critical areas of yours and your loved ones’ lives. Specifically, Lynn has discovered that her Etheric Implant Removal techniques can be expanded into the following areas, and thus she has created the following three workshops:

Workshop 1: Pet And Adult Entity/Interference Removal

Pet entity and interference extraction;
Working with Adults who are not willing or able to learn entity extraction on their own.

Workshop 2: Child And Portal Entity/Interference Removal

Child entity interference extraction;
How to clear portals and other dark energy vortex’s from one’s home.

Workshop 3: Disease Removal And Planetary Healing Techniques

​Disease removal - Etheric implant and Entity techniques can assist in removing disease from the body;
Planetary Healing - Combining our healing energies as a Group can assist Mother Earth by clearing dark entities from affecting this and many other timelines.

With: Lynn Williams

Lynn Williams

Lynn Williams is a Shamanic Healer and Teacher/Guide who has all of her extrasensory “gifts” open. These allow her to see, hear, feel, smell and sense inter-dimensional energies and entities. After her profound Spiritual Awakening by Extraterrestrial visitation in 2010 (and having previously spent 25 years working in the Corporate world), Lynn decide to dedicate her life and work to assisting others in their own Spiritual Awakening, emotional healing and shadow work, teaching them how to remove etheric interferences that hinder them, and inspiring them to live healthier, more fulfilled lives. Lynn can activate awakenings within people with her words and “downloads” messages for her clients directly from Source. She also works with people, pets and horses as a telepathic Energy Healer. Her ability to connect with and feel the emotions of people and animals, combined with her healing hands and voice, has helped numerous people and animals heal from various physical and emotional trauma.

Additionally, Lynn has coached and guided a variety of clients with finding the right career, job transition, work-life balance, attaining optimal health, and creating better relationships. She has spent thousands of hours studying and/or experiencing a multitude of subjects Metaphysical, Spiritual, Ascension, UFO and ET-related.

Lynn has been interviewed on numerous radio shows with regard to her Awakening experiences and Teaching Implant Removal, and has been a guest writer for the Wake Up World website. She earned her BA in Human Resources from the University of Connecticut; became a Certified Life Coach in 2003 after attending The Coaches Training; and completed her Reiki Level I and II training from a 10th degree Master Teacher in 2011.

[Visit her Mentor page]




A microphone is required only to participate in the QA, although a webcam is preferred.

For help with microphones and webcams, read the following:
Microphone Guide, Webcam Guide

Attendees receive a copy of the recording / Replay also available on demand.


Prerequisite: For this Workshop each participant must have already completed an Etheric Implant Removal session with Lynn. To book a session, please contact her via the links on her Mentor Page.

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