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Workshop Day: Awakening, Psychic Imprinting & Sound Meditation.

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The Cromwell Suite

7 Grosvenor Gardens



United Kingdom

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Workshop Day: Awakening, Psychic Imprinting & Sound Meditation.

This workshop day is for every soul out there that craves to acknowledge once and for all, their true abilities.

You may already be working as a light worker, or you may be just discovering your ‘gifts’ so to speak.

You are more than welcome to attend just one of the sessions (please see other listings) or go onto a spiritual spree and sign up for the Workshop Day, here.


London, SW1W

Session 1.

12-1.30pm Awakening Workshop

Expanding your Soul – Body Connection

Facilitating your communication with your guides and your own Soul

Session 2.

2-3.30pm Psychic Imprints

Expanding Ego Free Mediumistic Abilities

Session 3.

4-5.30pm Sound Meditation

Not to be missed!

Most extraordinary experience in the group invironment.

Session 1. – 12:00pm

We start the day at 12pm with a brief silent meditation, progressing with a brief sound meditation to raise our vibrations as well as attune our group’s energy.

We then either go through a set of exercises to facilitate your soul-body connection (if needed) or we dive straight into our guides messages for ourselves or group members. The reason this part is extremely important, our body has a knack for shutting down when an important message is about to be delivered. Our body has a phenomenal memory and strives hard to protect us from any pain that may possibly come our way.

Should the message, however loving and guiding it may be, remind your body of the pain you went through in this or your past life experience (perhaps even it is going through your parallel existence at this very moment!) it shuts down (Craving ice-cream? Working too hard for no reason? Watching news aimlessly?) and the group’s support doesn’t just help to deliver the message, bypassing your body’s defense mechanism, the group also facilitates healing while delivering the message.

How? Attend and learn for yourself.

Your current mediumistic abilities level can be from working as a healer, psychic or a channeller to; “I am just seeing what’s out there.“

Remember each of us is a teacher and each of us is a student.

Session 2. – 2:00pm

We start this second session at 2pm.

This is a simply magical experience. You will expand your current state of connection with your guides, you’ll open up to new spiritual workers around you, you’ll grow in your soul’s power through the sheer connection with likeminded people and!

You’ll get to practice what I refer to as crystal clear ego-free psychic reading.

Join us for this empowering and soul clearing experience.

Lots and lots of practice and validation guaranteed!

Session 3. – 4:00pm

We close the day with our final session starting at 4pm.

The sound meditation is nothing new. What’s new and unique, you get to experience a sound meditation you had no idea about! Yes. And even if you decide you have done this specific type of sound meditation, it is almost 99.99% (with a wink) guaranteed that you have never ever done it as a group.

You will leave so empowered, connected, and feeling renewed, as though you just took a deep and long spiritual bath, filled with love and some seriously strong cleansing agents to remove all of the ‘dirt’ that’s not yours and have picked up from others due to your spiritual awareness.

We will close the day with a very brief closing meditation.

Once you go through this day, you’ll be back for more!

It’s a true spiritual experience that can only be compared to eating heavenly cupcakes (that occasionally may be sprinkled with salt) and losing weight.

That’s how good the day is going to be.

Lots of love,

O x

The premises have facilities and you are welcome to have tea break or snack time in our kitchen during the breaks. There is internet access should you choose to do some work in between.

And you are highly encouraged to use the breaks for your co-creative projects, sharing experiences and discovering more about our fellows attendees.


The Cromwell Suite
7 Grosvenor Gardens
London SW1W 0BD

(close to Victoria station)

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The Cromwell Suite

7 Grosvenor Gardens



United Kingdom

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