Workato Jam- Go from Zero to Digital Automation Hero in Hours!

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Seaport Conference Center

459 Seaport Court

Redwood City, CA 94063

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What is Workato Jam:

Workato Jam is a half-day hands-on workshop where Workato experts will help you strategize, build, and test integration recipes for one of your current or upcoming projects. In just one day, you’ll go from discussing the processes you wish were automated, to creating a working automation you can use for your business.

Workato Jam will give you an opportunity to experience the Workato philosophy of building innovative solutions through rapid iterations first hand.The workshop is divided into multiple sessions that will accelerate your learning, empower you to tackle your company’s future integration challenges, and, most importantly, leave you with tangible results!

What you will accomplish:

We value your time and commitment to doing more with Workato and it is important to us that you accomplish something valuable to your business by the end of the Workato Jam. You’ll leave with:

  • A working prototype of an automated business workflow by integrating a combination of apps in cloud

  • A “Workato Hero” Certificate

  • A special prize for the winner of “Most Innovative Recipe”

  • 60 Days FREE Trial

What you will build:

Automate an order-to-cash or quote to cash workflow by connecting your CRM, accounting/finance or ERP apps; sync leads between your e-commerce and marketing apps; add chatbots to messaging applications for collaboration; migrate data from legacy ERP/databases to cloud apps.

There are no limits to the business workflows you can automate with Workato. Easily connect to your cloud-based or on-premise apps, set business event triggers that will complete actions (business event outcomes) in other apps automatically.


11:00AM - 12:30 PM| Introductions and Lunch

12:30 PM - 5:00 PM | Let's build recipes

Why you should join:

IT/App Admins:

  • Need to make your service request tracking efficient to meet SLAs and improve customer satisfaction?

  • Need more than the out of box integrations in apps or build custom integrations faster or do more with fewer resources and time?

  • Need to deliver more value and better experience to your business stakeholders?

This workshop will give you the tools and strategies to develop app integration and business process automation solutions faster, with a much lower investment of time and resources than with code-based solutions.

Business Teams:

  • Facing operational challenges because customer data in marketing and CRM apps are not in sync?

  • Losing revenue because lead to cash flows are slow, erroneous and inefficient?

  • Customer retention declining because customer support issue resolution and communication is broken?

  • Are requests not prioritized in the IT queue or taking too long to resolve?

Learn how to take control of your business workflows, solve your most challenging integration and data sync problems; build innovative integrations across multiple apps to improve collaboration between cross-functional teams.

What you need to get the most out of the Workato Jam:

  • A brief description of the project you want to get done at the Workato Jam sessions

  • Access to applications that will be used in building the recipe for your project

  • Laptop (any OS w/ a browser that can connect to internet)

Complimentary Facilities:

  • FREE WiFi

  • FREE Parking

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Date and Time


Seaport Conference Center

459 Seaport Court

Redwood City, CA 94063

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