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Work Life Balance Class at EEA

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EEA Consulting Engineers Training Room

6615 Vaught Ranch Rd #100

Austin, TX 78730

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If you’re like most professionals, you have been trained with a lot of tools, knowledge and experience to have you be successful at work.

All that you have been taught to put your attention on at work has you do your best at your job, where you spend a large portion of your time, energy and attention.

Meanwhile, you have a life outside of your job. You may have a relationship, children, a house, hobbies, projects, or even a second passion for work. You have other priorities that truly matter to your soul.

What we don’t learn in school or in job training is how to balance our life. How to show up at work and engage fully, then go home and have the energy and enthusiasm to engage fully! How to feel the same sense of purpose and fulfillment outside work as we do at work. School and work don’t teach us health and fulfillment. They teach us a skill and productivity.

Would you like to learn Balance? Would you like to bring knowledge of Health Education into the house of Productivity that is your workplace?

Balancing Work & Life class teaches you awareness of where imbalance exists in your life and connects you with others who relate. Specific class topics include:



Awareness of Feelings, Thoughts and Behavior

Accounting for your Energy Usage

Understanding what Depletes and what Generates Energy



Re-aligning with your True Priorities


Read what past students say about Balancing Work & Life:

"This class helped me bring balance back into my life. My intention for taking this class was to be able to show up and engage deeper in areas of my life outside work. Having taken this class, I can already begin to see this process unfold."


"Going into this class, I knew I needed it. Kate has a way of inviting people in to belong; to explore what they often already know; to learn about themselves, the world and humanity in a way that's enlightening but not at all intimidating. It felt like turning on a familiar but elusive lightbulb of common sense - a perspective shift that clarified some mysteries and gave me tangible steps to keep growing."


"This class taught me a variety of practices to help me be more aware of my feelings, my boundaries and my energy. I can take better care of myself when I am working and when I am not. I really appreciate this new insight."


"This class helped me realize how much I yearn for connection with people, and how even when I "feel" connected, I'm still imposing a distance. I've been able to better identify how I "should" myself into doing things I think will help me connect that leave me feeling inadequate and exhausted. I'm slowly letting go of some of that and refocusing on actual connections.

The benefits you receive from taking Balancing Work & Life:

Work/Life Balance education improves the health of your employees AND the productivity of your business!*

Increased energy and desire for engagement at work and outside work.

More fulfillment and the motivation to engage in activities that are fulfilling.

Increased self-awareness of boundaries and other personal needs.

More connection in your relationships.

For more information, contact Kate directly at 512-650-8118 or

Your EEA point of contact is Megan Flynn –

3 Month Program

This program is great for helping participants build practices a little at a time, and for those workplaces where staff has less flexibility to take time off for training.

90-Minute Classes Every Week on Wed or Thurs

Rates – Participant pays $250 (payment plan is available)

EEA pays $250 per participant!

$500 total

Date and Time


EEA Consulting Engineers Training Room

6615 Vaught Ranch Rd #100

Austin, TX 78730

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