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Word On Wednsday :: Pokemon Go :: Crenshaw :: Prayer Party

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Crenshaw United Methodist

3740 Don Felipe Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90008

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Who We Are

Crenshaw United Methodist Church was established in 1953 and has served as a pillar in the city of Los Angeles since 1903 as West Adams Methodist Episcopal Church. The church has provided spiritual and financial assistance to numerous area residences and their families. We as a church are commited to strengthen the spiritual well-being of our community and act as messengers of peace and love. Our church is located at 3740 Don Felipe Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90008.

Thank you for visiting. You are always welcome. The United Methodist Church has many doors through which people share in serving God and others. Whether you visit in person or via the Internet, we hope you discover something here to encourage you in your spiritual journey.

Together, we can open hearts, open minds and open doors.
The people of The United Methodist church.

Pastor Royce Porter

Crenshaw United Methodist Church :: Contact Information :: 323-292-0141

Attend Our Bible Study Today For Prayer And Legendary Pokemon Catching!!

Yes, You Are Invited!!

Bring A Friend And Have Some Fun!!

This party is internationally the largest social event ever in California, with the release of Pokemon Go we have invested in safe game play and maximizing our efforts by connecting people to legendary trainers who help provide the best possibilities for catching those legenday Pokemon that will bring you success. We will be meeting every saturday till Halloween, where we will all meet as a team of successful pokemon trainers.

What To Bring:: Everybody

  • Fully Charged iPhone Or Android.
  • Your Best Pokemon.
  • Bring All Tips And Tricks That You've Learned.
  • Bring Your Favorite Bible Apps.

This Event Is Garenteed To::

  1. Raise Your Training Level by 75% per meeting.
  2. Allow you to meet new Pokemon lovers.
  3. Help you catch the Legendary Pokemon.

We Need 10 Exclusive Pokemon Trainers:: Call:: Damon Hall At (323) 481-0720 To Register.

  • Must Be Atleast Level 25 With 100 Pokemon.
  • Must Have Atleast 20 Eggs.
  • Must Have At Least 1000 Poke Balls.
  • Must Have At Least 100 Lures.
  • Must Have Walked At Least 7 Miles In Step Counter.


  • [[One Bonus Per Family]]
  • [[Must Call Damon Hall In Order To Recieve Gifts And Bonuses Apon Arrival]]


  • Food Will Be Served At 7:00 PM
  • Buy A Ticket And Bring A Friend. Hint:: Tickets Are FREE
  • Everybody Is Welcomed!
  • All Donation Are Accepted!
  • We Have A Safe Environment For Prayer And Legendary Pokemon Catching!


  • The First 30 People To Arrive Will Instanly Recieve A Rare Prize.
  • A Prize Will Be Given To The Person With The Greatest Catch Of The Party!
  • A Prize Will Be Given To The Person With The Highest Level.
  • A Prize Will Be Given To The Person With The Most Pokemon. ((All Prizes Are Valued At $25.00))

Come Catch With The Best!!

Garenteed Results!!

Yes, This Is A High Profile Meeting Event!!

Why: There's something slightly odd about the world of Pokémon. It's not the hundreds of animals with elemental powers and supernatural abilities. No, that all makes perfect sense when you think about it. It's the world itself that doesn't quite make sense...

I've poked fun at the nature of Pokémon in the past – the effortless and never-ending happiness of every NPC, the unspoken chivalric code between Pokémon, the disturbing side of Poké Balls – but I only recently put all the mysterious pieces together in one theory. A theory which explains all the oddities in the game series. A theory as airtight as it is entirely unnecessary...

For More Information

Call Damon Hall Apon Arrival :: (323) 481-0720

Lets Have Some Fun Catching Pokemon'

((We Will See You Here))


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Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Direct On Facebook or By Phone Is Best.

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11:00am: Hallelujah Good Time Worship
11:00am: Children's Church Just For Kids
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Crenshaw United Methodist

3740 Don Felipe Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90008

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