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Women's Intimacy Soirée: Goddess Edition

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Private Residence (Clackamas)


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Dearest Sisters,

You are invited to the Women's Intimacy Soirée, a safe space for you to show up fully as yourself and be embraced by your sisters. Come eat, drink, laugh, and open up! Know what it really feels like to NEVER BE ALONE.

It's the Goddess Halloween Edition! Come dress as your favorite Goddess!

Who are you wanting to express? Aphrodite, Tara, Lakshmi, Kali? Most important is to be comfortable in your skin and have fun! Coming exactly as you are is already arriving as GODDESS!

You will be surrounded by women craving authentic connection.

You will have opportunities to be vulnerable, to ask for what you want, and to practice boundaries.

You will experience feeling empowered just by being you.

Soirees are hosted generously in the home of a sister. The address is provided to participants the day of the event.

The evening is comprised of three elements fostering connection:

♥️ A communal potluck. Please bring a beverage or dish to share.

♥️ Touch Yoga for movement & communication (NO yoga experience necessary)

♥️ Small and large group witnessing and radiating love to you!

♥️ Sex Talk - an open space to talk about anything and everything related to sexuality (inclusive of trauma, shame, abuse, pleasure, orgasm, body disconnection, gender, orientation, etc). In community, we expose what shame we feel around our bodies, sexuality, and relationships.

There is always time to journal or step away from a practice if needed. All activities are optional, although encouraged.

Come as the GODDESS that you are, dressed comfortably, and be ready to receive!

With joy and pleasure,

Sophia Treyger + friends

Radical Pleasurist ♥️ Intimacy Coach ♥️ Relationship & Empowerment Expert


What sisters are experiencing:

"Thanks for having me, I genuinely enjoy every time I get to spend time with you and take part in a Soirée. It's always enlightening and renewing. I was pleased that, with the support of other women in the group, I could attempt yoga stretches that might have seemed too intimidating to do on my own. The gentle focus on finding my "happy place" within each pose, and reminders that I could communicate needs with my stretch partners, and honor my own needs and limits, helped make it a safe and encouraging space to connect. I look forward to the next session!"

"Sophia did a really lovely job of teaching both the physical moves and prompted us to understand to ask for the support that we needed in the various positions and poses. I loved the idea of using the physical support of the yoga moves to remind me of the emotional support that is so available to me via the incredible women I know. And the practice that I got from simply telling someone about the adjustments needing to be made, again in such a physical way, which is a brilliant way to start to learn how to ask for what you need in an emotional way as well. I was left feeling open both physically and emotionally. Beautiful experience."

"Coming out of an abusive marriage the last 1.5 years and being isolated and estranged from everyone I knew, and then connecting with other local women through presence and loving touch during Sophia’s soirée, was so revitalizing for me! So much confirmation. So much support. Loved the interactions and the soft feminine essence of sisterhood. Broke down in tears from experiencing yoga touch with those of different sexual orientation than me, because of prior programming. Such sweet release! Thank you Sophia for an amazing time!"


The Soirée was born in the Fall of 2015 when over 25 women gathered in a small livingroom in Beaverton, OR to share food, wine, and themselves. Women opened up to each other in unprecedented ways and left feeling connected, seen, heard, and accepted. Every Soirée has provided women with an abundance of opportunities to be vulnerable, to be witnessed, to learn something new and fresh about themselves, and create strong bonds with each other. Each woman is encouraged to come to her edge and stretch beyond her fear. The Soirée is incredibly healing for women who crave authentic sisterhood.

Sophia, in collaboration with divine women, has taught on many topics over the years - money, sex, food, empowerment, master manifester, masculine and feminine energetics, and many more. The Soirée has evolved into a complete evening for women to experience the integral aspects of intimacy - emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, and sexual.


Is there nudity or sex?

No. It's all non-sexual touch. Women don't tend to experience touch from each other and it's extremely healing.

I've never done yoga...will I be able to participate?

Absolutely! No yoga experience is necessary and the physical postures are easy. If something doesn't work for you physically, it's your opportunity to let the group know. It's all about you asking for what you need.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds or credit. If you cannot attend, consider gifting the ticket to a cherished woman in your life.

Any other questions, please email Sophia at sophia@sophiatreyger.com

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Date and Time


Private Residence (Clackamas)


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