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Women's Empowerment Immersion Level I

Cyndy Clemens - Loving Breath, LLC

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Women's Empowerment Immersion Level I

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“Awakening the Empowered Woman" Series 
A woman’s natural essence is wild, in the sense that 
she grows in a natural state, she’s not cultivated to 
be anything other than who she really is. And, she 
knows who she is and what she wants. She is 
intensely enthusiastic, and her life is dictated only 
by a free, natural state of being. She is happy, wild 
and free from her thoughts of who she “should” be. 
She becomes magnetic. The world is drawn to her. 
Her beauty resonates from within, because of her 
innate ability to be the Love that she is. She draws 
from an infinite well that is connected to her Source. 
She becomes radiant and alive; life force springing 
from her, reflected in her gaze, resonating in her 
voice, beaming from her presence. It is her 

This Woman is You.

If she has lived a painful past, it can be honored as 
something she has lived through, she has survived, 
she is strong and she is now free to choose a life 
where happy, kind, free, radiant, joyful, and alive 
become her power words of being from within – 
not dictated by her external circumstances. From 
this place, she begins to make life choices that 
support her and everyone/everything around her, 
which contains and includes all of the things she 
loves: family, relationship, friends, meaningful and 
passionate work, juiciness in her day-to-day life,
an intimate relationship with the world around 
her, but most importantly an intimate relationship 
within herself, from which all generosity, kindness, 
loving, and passion spring forth effortlessly. She 
can pour her love into all of the many things she 
chooses, and watch them grow and flourish. Her 
cup is always refilled by the Source of who she is, 
and can empty out again with absolute 
abandon. Every one and every thing is 
benefitted by her presence, her smile, her 
laughter, her gaze, her appreciation, her 
radiance. Her presence commands grace, 
beauty, appreciation, focus, respect, happiness, 
ease and lightheartedness.

‘Think I am describing someone else? This is YOU! 
You are already all of this, and so much more. 
Be willing to awaken the Wild Woman in you, 
regardless of where you are in your life.

We awaken the Empowered Woman in you through 
breath, dance, song, sleeping and dreaming, 
invoking, inviting, drawing, breathing and dancing some more. 


May 25-27 (Friday 6 pm – Sunday 6 pm) 

 June 22-24 (Friday 6 pm – Sunday 6 pm)

 July 27-29 (Friday 6 pm – Sunday 6 pm)  



Is this the year you’ve been waiting for?

“Longing is the deepest design of the Universe.

This is not the time to abuse, neglect or ignore this light thread. Within it lies the secret of your evolution.

Speak to your longing, ask it and it will reveal to you your path and your greatest Self.
It will reveal to you who you really are.  
It will lovingly show you how to become more of who you long to be.
This longing will stay with you till you finally achieve that which you long for.”   ~  Sukhvinder Sircar

Are you or someone you know ready for one of the most powerful years of your lives?  Are you ready to find out what your true purpose and gifts are and have the support of a caring group of 10-12 special women (like you!) to help you bring them to the world?

I am inviting you to trust your heart, get some advice if you need to, think about it and ask yourself: “Is this the year that I am ready to leave a big piece of my story about my Shadow behind, to unburden myself from old emotional stuff and reconnect with the LOVE that I know is inside of me and inside of everyone else? Is THIS the year in which I will change myself for good?”

If your heart says YES to either of these questions, I invite you to give me a call if you have any questions, and at least consider the possibility of what it might feel like to do something really different.  We only work with small groups of people; we create what we call a “Culture of Loving Connection” between everyone and go on an experiential journey that is hard to put into words.

And if not, thank you for considering the invitation.  Maybe there is someone you know who needs this kind of transformation in her life. In addition, there are other programs that take place through Loving Breath that may be better suited to what you’re looking for.


In any case, thanks again, and many blessings upon your path,


Cyndy Clemens


Loving Breath, LLC  


2812 W Colorado Avenue, Suite 104

Colorado Springs, CO 80904


This program - offered in three levels  - is geared toward women and women's issues of empowerment, what true femininity is and how we can embody and express it in our world. We use the power of Breath, yoga, movement, dance, ceremony, as well as the immense power of true feminine community and support. In this we reclaim our innate connectedness and shed our mistrust of and competitiveness with other women, learning to celebrate the uniqueness of ourselves and each other.

What sets this program apart from other personal growth programs is its real and integral approach to healing – “walking the talk” of body, mind, heart and spirit – taking into account your True Self, your safety and personal environment, as well as developing the support of community. Building safety and trust first, we cultivate the loving self awareness that can lead to deep transformation and healing. We build on this solid foundation so you can integrate your day-to-day experience more fully and easily while being able to make the choices that will fulfill your life to its highest potential.

All women embody the essence "all women," and yet no two women are the same - become the unique, authentic, powerful, creative vibrant woman that has always lived inside of you!

 Please contact me by clicking on the "Contact the Host" button on the right for more information and/or any questions you may have prior to registering 



Level I - ($1,125.00)

Introduction ;  Awareness and the Physical Body; Presence, Intimacy & the Sacred Heart  

In this level we will:

              create a safe, intentional community of women

              learn the basics of Therapeutic Breathwork: it's fundamentals and definitions

              create personal intentions for the journey - what do you want to create/who do you want to become?

              learn the Spirit Earth of Being - through Breath, Yoga, Movement, and Dance

              discover the necessity of being fully in our bodies through movement, awareness, true nourishment, rest, joy, and connection 

              learn the difference: Structure vs Love (flow), Drama vs Discharge

              learn how we become empowered

              discover 7 Intelligences of the Heart

              immerse into Intimacy and Sexuality: Soul Connection Breathing I

Includes 1 30-minute telephone coaching session per month during the course of each level, up to one Q & A/support e-mail per day, 5 days per week, monthly newsletter and free webinars for up to a year.

One private session per month is required and is offered at 50% off the regular rate for particpants for $75.00 per 2-hour session.

Have questions about Women's Empowerment Immersion Level I? Contact Cyndy Clemens - Loving Breath, LLC

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